DM Requests: How To

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DM Requests: How To

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In the interest of streamlining player requests and improving forum response time, here is a set of useful guidelines to follow when making requests of the DM Team.

Making requests to the DM Team

Getting started

Please use the "DM Requests" button on the top left of this website, as shown below.


General tips
  • Keep the request brief;
  • Communicate your needs and goals clearly.
  • Send a follow-up PM 7 days after your initial PM is sent if you haven't heard anything back about your request.
  • Once submitted, further responses to your request cannot be viewed. Please check for responses in your private message inbox.

Common requests

Requests the DM team CAN assist you with:
Requests of this kind will be posted for short review before response is given.
  • 100% RCRs for significant mechanical changes that have been introduced to specific race or class.
  • Refunding items lost to appearance changers, barter windows, or other game glitches.
  • Approving feasible events and plot lines.
  • Assisting with important character development.

Requests the DM team CANNOT assist you with:
Requests of this kind will be immediately declined.
  • 100% RCRs for player build mistakes, including taking incorrect cleric domains, or violations of the 3b20 rule.
  • Changing your deity, race, or alignment without valid IC reason and RP.
  • Feat swaps.
  • Reincarnation requests.
  • Refunding items lost to campfire muling.
  • Requests for specific items or custom weapon VFX.
  • Refunding xp or gold lost to crashes, death glitches, player errors, or etc.

Details and specifics

100% RCR requests
If you would like to request a 100% RCR due to significant mechanical changes made to your character's class or race, please include the following.

  • Proposed change and why.
  • Links to any patch notes or announcements about upcoming changes that significantly affect your build.

Item refunds
If you would like to request a refund for items lost to appearance changers, barter window crashes, or other game glitches, please include the following.

IMPORTANT: You must submit screenshot proof of owning and losing the item. Without screenshots, chances of getting a refund approved are extremely reduced. A good practice to maintain is taking screenshots of items in your inventory on a continual basis.
  • Item(s) needing refund
  • Item stats
  • How item was lost
  • Date of loss
  • Screenshots to prove your possession of the item

Character development requests
If you would like to request assistance with character development, please include the following:
  • Link to biography (if applicable)

NPC Influence requests
-Have appropriate IC cultural decorum and behavior around the faction(s) on multiple occasions.
-Display loyalty and obedience to their authority on multiple occasions over a long period of time.

If you would like to request assistance with NPC influence, please include the following:
  • Faction or NPC you are seeking to serve or influence
  • Deeds performed to be viewed favorably by the faction or NPC (multiple occasions, in /out of service acceptable)

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Re: DM Requests: How To

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So you want to send in an event request? Here's what you need to know.

Players or a single guild can submit 2 requests per 60 day period, Whether the request is rejected or accepted. *

(*This amount (2) does not include ongoing plots your character or guild are already involved in, only brand new requests. Guilds are considered a single entity, and a player is considered a single entity for request purposes. In this way, making a request for your guild does not count toward the (2) limit for you as a player, and vice versa. If you have an ongoing request, you cannot stack more than 2 active requests at a time.)

If you have requests related to an ongoing plot your character is involved in, then you can send the PM directly to the DM who is handling that plot. But please try to be mindful of potential DM workloads as well as other players involved in the same plot and try to communicate amongst yourselves. Sometimes it is best to gather your party before venturing forward.

DM Communication when your event has been accepted:

It is up to DM discretion on how to handle their preferred methods of communication for their events. Some DM’s prefer to use discord tools, some prefer the forums strictly and many use a combination of both.

DM requests MUST be formatted via the simple template below. This makes things easier for DM’s to read, and also makes it much easier to organize for DM’s. If you are looking to make a request for a DM event the contact process will be as follows:

Header of PM must include your character name and login, as well as some idea of what type of request it is. If it is an ongoing event run by a DM, try to make sure to send the request to them directly. It makes it easier for them to notice it.

Examples of proper PM headers:

[SummerBreeze/Jane Smith] Personal Event or

[Thieves Guild]Investigating Chicken Soup

The format for the PM body is as follows:

A brief, easy to read rundown of the request and any RP already done toward it so far (Screen shots are not necessary)point form is also acceptable:

What are you as a player/faction trying to accomplish with this event or request (What is your end goal?, try to keep this brief/easily readable, point form is also acceptable:

Are there any players or individuals or factions other than yours you wish to involve in this request or event?:

What are your/your factions playtimes/normal availability?:

Do you have a specific DM in mind for this request? If not, you can leave this blank:
If event and RP requests do not follow this format to the best of your ability, the request may not receive a response at all, or may receive a significantly delayed response. Please keep in mind to try and only send in requests that are thought out and have a clear goal in mind. To both increase the ease at which DM’s can respond, and reduce DM workloads to be more manageable. We also ask that when submitting requests, try to keep it as easily digestible as possible as DM’s have a lot of requests and a lot on their plate at once so the easier to read the better.

Now get out there and have fun <3
Discord Contact: DM SummerBreeze#3346
DM Screen Discord Server:
I only do player requests if a player requests me specifically for a request. Otherwise I run my own written stories. <3

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