New Ruling about PvP inside Guild Maps

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New Ruling about PvP inside Guild Maps

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Hello everyone!

The DM Team has decided to take down an old ruling about Guild Members being unable to play the police inside their own guild maps, such as CK or Zhentarim PCs being unable to kick people that antagonise the guild without DM involvement.

It was brought up to our attention that such was made in the past and the current DM Team finds it immersion breaking for players to be unable to protect their own land, so to speak.
PvP inside Guild Halls

PvP instances inside Guild Halls, especially those of lore guilds with many guards and members who -would- actively participate in a fight against a criminal or otherwise a person that breaks the rules/laws of the guild are allowed to be conducted by the members of the guild in question.

In an instance that the aggressor is defeated, its fate is in hands of the guild members that have defeated the PC as per standard PVP rules.

In an instance that the aggressor wins, the character has to leave the map as to symbolise the NPC guards getting involved in chasing the PC away.
  • The aggressor is a single or multiple characters regarded as the offender to the guild, its rules or expected conduct.
  • The Guild Halls are defined as the guild map, it's interiors and the surrounding settlement (eg, CK, Doron Amar, Kraak Helzak, Darkhold).
List of Guilds that are recognised by DMs as Lore Guilds:
  • City Guard of Baldur's Gate
  • Kraak Helzak
  • Order of the Radiant Heart
  • Zhentarim & Darkhold
  • Candlekeep
  • Thieves' Guild
  • Doron Amar
  • En Dharasha Erevae
  • Temples with NPC Leadership or otherwise large involvement
  • The Harpers
  • House Sshamath
  • The 7'th Circle
  • Bregan D'aerthe
  • Red Wizard Enclave of Baldur's Gate
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