Time of Troubles Lull

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Re: Time of Troubles Lull

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Still around trying to make everyone look exceptionally fabulous.
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Re: Time of Troubles Lull

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I had an idea to make full story of losing all powers for my main, start from lvl 1 permadeath(Mark of Death) and talk to the death NPC in Nexus for this ToT. im just scared that im too consumed of the idea and drowned, not going back to IRL anymore :oops: :lol:
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Re: Time of Troubles Lull

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I tried The Rise of Neverwinter's server and I enjoyed it way more than I enjoyed BGTSCC so I stayed there.
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Re: Time of Troubles Lull

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I will join in the chorus of Ed and Niy. My character can’t travel much either and adventuring with ongoing wild magic effects isn’t so great without company. Groups are hard to find at my times.

So i had my character make a hard decision to stay in CK most of the time. She can be at least useful there. Also she supports the new mage guild and Mystra temple and other elves and friends where she can.

I also still play LotrO sometimes, also for RL reasons.

My activity hasn’t changed. I have Tiawyn soldier through the loss of a patron in several phases and all the annoying magic chaos. I think ToT is great for character development and growth. I shouldn’t run away to other games and servers from it. But here’s also hoping, that the Mystra church will be included better once we learn of the new Mystra coming. Also i look forward to have her use her use her spells properly again. ;)
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Re: Time of Troubles Lull

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The Whistler wrote: Fri Sep 16, 2022 4:45 pm What has everybody been up to while waiting for ToT to end ? Personally, I relapsed into my league of legends habit for a bit but I kicked it swiftly.
Patiently waiting for it to be over.
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