Cadicious Cato, Scion of Siomorphe

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Cadicious Cato, Scion of Siomorphe

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Born into a merchant house with minor noble connections. In the sprawling ever growing and changing metropolis of Waterdeep. Cade as he is known to friends and family was raised to be particularly devout to the Demi goddess Siamorphe. From a young age Cade excelled at sports and education. Proper conduct and obedience to the law and one’s liege. His father a hard but fair man sought to prepare Cade for a life of hardships and servitude to Siamorphe in order to bring her favor to their family and escalate their position in the City’s nobility. Cade being first born groomer to service of Siamorphe, his beautiful sister Sabina would be married off to further the family’s standing and his younger brother Cassius would carry on the family name and legacy.

Cade’s dedication and physical prowless got the attention of one of more respected and forward of Siamorphe’s Scions who believed that the Devine Order and Sacred Duties of Noble & Royal bloodlines where under assault by tyrannical and anarchist forces in the realm. That for the Church or Siamorphe to grow they would need a militant branch to strike out at the heart of sedation and tyranny. Molding and grooming Cade as an Agent of Sciamorphe.
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