Wisica Weatherbee

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Wisica Weatherbee

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Name: Wisica Weatherbee
Race: Strongheart Halfling
Classes: Cleric, Thaumaturge, Hierophant
Occupation: Homefellow of Cyrrollalee
Place of birth: Beluir, the capitol of Luiren
Current home: Gullykin
Age: 31 (1358)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Long, brown

Appearance and personality:

A near constant bright smile adorns her face, the warmness of her hazel eyes adding to the cheerfulness that practically radiates from this halfling woman. She is small even among the standards of her own kind. Long brown hair lies draped over her shoulders, neatly combed and cared for.

When not in travelling garb, she tends to wear rustic looking robes, recognizable by fellow hin as a Homefellow's garb, a deep golden belt set around her waist. A delicately carved wooden figurine hangs by a leather cord from her neck, shaped like an acorn - the symbol of her goddess.

Polite and friendly, she has little issues in following the tenets of the Cyrrollaleen, save perhaps for a constant nagging wanderlust.


Wisica was raised by her grandfather Gondastyr Weatherbee on the outskirts of the city of Beluir. She quickly took after her dear grandparent who taught her the arts of cooking and helping care for the templehome that he oversaw. From a very young age she dedicated herself towards the goddess Cyrrollalee, busying herself with chores and learning more of the faiths of her kind. Though she was met with politeness and respect she grew up without truly close friends. This mixed with the nagging thoughts of what had happened to her parents, something that was always met with excuses and delays by Grandpa Gondastyr. She loved him dearly, but a growing discontent bubbled within her. She had never truly felt at home at Beluir. Throughout her entire life, she had felt some manner of wrongness with the place. With herself, the lack of any real connection with the denizens. That latter part struck her deeply. The sense of community was something she had longed for but never gotten to truly feel.

Towards her 30th birthday, she approached her grandparent with a request. During her childhood she has been treated with tales of the faithful of the Hearthkeeper setting out on great journeys to found new settlements for hinkind. New homes and bright futures. She wished to follow in their footsteps. She had also intended to pester him further about her mysteriously lost parents, but that she kept to herself. Gondastyr was growing quite old indeed by then. The templehome was in capable hands as it was and he was indeed curious about how the outside world looked nowadays. He agreed, partly because he thought his grandchild would run off eventually regardless - and so he might as well keep an eye on her. It wasn't long before the enthusiastic young woman threw herself at packing her belongings and saying her goodbyes.

The dynamic duo of Homefellows turned attempted Homesteaders set out on their journey westwards. Over the long months of travel and adventure, eventually tragedy struck. The two were caught in a village in the Dragon Coast, attacked by Urdlenian fanatics. She never got an answer to what might've happened to her parents, nor did she get to say goodbye. Her grandfather Gondastyr had fallen in the attack along with most of the town's population, sending her into a spiral of deep regret and despair. After personally seeing to his peaceful rest, she brought her grandpa's trusty enchanted walking stick and smokeweed pipe and continued her journey in a daze - alone.

She arrived on the Coast not long before the Time of Troubles began, settling in the town of Gullykin. She received polite welcome, seemingly the only Homefellow in the region. Sensing some manner of joy in the trip not having been for naught, she sent word home to Beluir, telling her extended family of what had happened along the journey. Of the adventures had, odd musings between her and her grandfather, and of course of Gondastyr's passing. She invited the family to come to Gullykin. A reply some time later came that they were on their way, leaving Beluir to reunite the family and give the old Burrow Patriarch a proper sendoff.

Weeks passed, then the Time of Troubles began..
Utter tragedy struck again.


- Finding community within her new home.

- Discover the mystery of her parents

- Establish a new templehome

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