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First Name: Elm
Last Name: (True name unknown)

Appearance:Race: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 190
Eyes: Forest Green
Hair: Autumn Red
Facial Hair Style: Beard

Personality Profile: Distrustful at first of strangers, Compassionate, Loyal, Extreme hatred towards Talos, Malar, Shar and Undead. Overly trusting towards Rangers & Druids. He is unsure of the Flaming Fist and feels their power may be to great in the region and the abuse of that power to tempting.
General Health: Overall Good, Sometimes gets chest coughing and wheezing brought on from wet & cold weather from a pre-existing condition.
Born: 1330 DR, Year of the Marching Moon.
Birth Place: As of yet unknown.
Deity: Silvanus
Initial Alignment: Nuetral Good
Profession: Animal Husbandry (Curing/healing horses and oxen used for farm work), Fishing (He greatly enjoys spending a day working the nets with local fisherman and fly fishing secluded streams), Botany (Often called to assist farmers with crop issues), Brewing, Falconry (A hobby Father Ganon introduced him to extolling the virtues of the Predator/Prey relationship, also falcons are used to fly over young crops to keep small birds from eating seed, it is called Abatement), Healing (Often needed to heal injuries caused to farmers and the locals from day to day activities. ie. a thatcher falls from a roof and breaks his leg, a farmers foot gets mangled by a plow, a child comes down with fever.)
Base Class & Proposed Development: Druid 30

As a Druid of Silvanus, Elm is a warden of nature and it’s creatures. He holds followers, both Elves, Rangers and Druids, of Eldath, Rillifane, Mielikki, Lurue, Chauntea, and the other nature pantheons in great esteem and will support them whenever he can. He has a great respect for surface elves and the Seldarine and feels their respect for nature at the height of their power was how life was meant to be for all of Faerun. He thoroughly enjoys finding and reading ancient elvish lore regarding the ancient mythals slightly more than finding out what fly is catching the most fish in the nearby creeks.

He understands the needs of civilization in harvesting wood and game from the forest but wanton disregard of nature he will not tolerate. He has an extreme hatred of Necromancers and undead for they are an affront to the natural order of things. That being said he holds the simple farmer and fisherman in higher regard then a king for they feed the masses, while a king has no power ‘cept that which others give him.

He enjoys fishing, a good pipe with a nice tobacco and drinking a fine Oatmeal Stout. He takes every opportunity to try tobaccos and brews from different regions, hoping to one day perfect his own brew and tobacco.

Languages: Elven, Druidic, Animal, Orc.
Weapon of Choice: Prefers Spear & Shield, however here he uses a Scimitar & Sling.

At the age of three, on the 19th day of Falmerule in 1333 DR, Year of the Striking Falcon, Elm was taken to OakenGrove Abbey by Riders of Mistledale out of Ashabenford. He was turned over to Oak Father Gannon with a scroll detailing his discovery.

Oak Father Ganon,

My name is Rinea Oakthorn, a Shadoweir, from the Enerald Enclave out of Ilighon. I am a member of a small delegation that left by Merchant Ship from Ilighon the day after Greengrass in 1333 DR, Year of the Striking Falcon. We travelled across the Sea of Fallen Stars and made port in Procampur on the 21st of Kythorn. From there we hired a River Trader Boat “The Iron Rose” to take us north up the east coast of the Dragon Reach to attempt a crossing of the Dragon Reach to Scardale.

Nine days out of the port of Procampur we saw the skies heavy with smoke coming from a small fishing village nestled along the foot of the Earthfast Mountains. The village is located on the outcropping of land along the east coast maybe a four days ride west from Raven’s Bluff. As we neared the village I could see a large dock that is probably used as a stopping point for traders along the Dragon Reach. A large merchant ship was sunk near the dock and burnt to the water line.

Once we made land fall we found a raiding party of Sahaugin which we made short work of. A thorough search of the village led us to believe that the Merchant Ship and village were attacked by Zhentish Warships using the River Lis to travel south from the Moonsea to attack towns along the coast of the Dragon Reach. As you know the Zhents are currently attacking both Mulmaster and Melvaunt in the Moonsea Region. We believe the Sahaugin came afterwards to loot the dead.

While there we located a small human child of perhaps three years of age hiding in a copse of Elm trees not far from the village. He was hugging a dead woman of perhaps 30 winters of age. Both of them have autumn red hair so I believe she was his mother. Due to her fine cloths and jewelry we are certain she must have been a passenger on the Merchant Ship. The child refuses to talk and we could find no evidence of his or her identity on either their persons or on the remains of the ship. The child has a valiant heart Father. He tried to fight us to protect his dead mother. We buried his mother where we found her and took the child with us on the crossing. The crossing was rough and the weather went from bad to worse. It took us nearly five days to make it to Scardale.

We followed the River Ashaba from Scardale up to the Ashabenford Crossing and there we met up with Riders of Mistledale patrolling the Moonsea Ride from Tilverton. I told them what had happened and paid them twenty platinum to transport the child to Oakengrove Abbey. Father Ganon I implore you to care for the child or place him with a nice family in the nearby region. I have grown very much attached to him and I believe he has grown rather found of me. We have taken to calling him “Elm”. I took a lock of his mother’s hair and placed it in a small satchel along with a Greenstone Amulet bearing a strange rune. It was the only thing we found on the mother. You will also find a Kings Tear sewn into a hidden pocket inside the satchel. I believe that should cover any expense for his care.

We are continuing up the River Ashaba to the Desertsmouth Mountains and from there we will travel north a foot to the Border Forest. We are to meet with a cell of the Eldreth Veluuthra there to speak out against their attacks on Daggerdale and on an Emerald Enclave Circle located there called “The Ebon Thistle”. I plan on next year visiting the Abbey to check up on Elm.

Thank you Oak Father for any assistance you can give in this matter. By the way Arch-Druid Malthorn asked me to give you his regard. He plans on visiting the Abby during Nightal. May the trees of Silvanus shade your travails and Eldath’s cool springs quench your thirsts.

Riana Oakthorn
Shadoweir Of Mielikki
Emerald Enclave


Elm grew up at the Abbey, never knowing his parents or his own identity. A month after his arrival at the Abby a break in occurred during the dead of night and the Greenstone Amulet was taken. The culprit or culprits were never found.

The druids raised him as one of their own and taught him a love of Silvanus and nature. Father Ganon became a strong father figure in Elm’s life and he was schooled in Faerunian Religion, Elvish Culture, Economics, Druidry, Falconry, Botany, Biology, and several other fields.

In Mirtul, 1339 DR Year of the Weeping Moon, Elm came down with a wasting lung infection of unknown origin. If it wasn't for Rinea finding a rare small white orchid, known as Heaven's Breath, deep in the Cormanthor Forest, Elm would have died. The orchid was mixed with comfrey and steeped in wine. The elixer seemed to immediately stop the wasting sickness but it still took Elm nearly four months to recover. No amount of healing or other magics seemed to work and the druids seem to think Talona's hand was at work. The cause of the disease or poison was never found.

From Initiate Falworth he learned to enjoy the finer things in life, brews and tobaccos, which annoyed Father Ganon to no end. Elm would often accompany Falworth in the wagon to Ashabenford and surrounding farms to heal diseased crops and mend sick horses and mules. They often were called on to heal a thatcher that fell from a roof or a farmer's child sick with fever. Needless to say the druids stayed busy tending to the local communities. On these trips Falworth always seemed to stop by a local tavern or inn to taste the local flavor and Elm learned quickly to enjoy these short extravagances..

At Oakengrove Abbey, Old Man Hodd, took care of the horses in the small stable. Now Hodd was a fisherman of renown through all the Dales. He was a master fly tier and could tie all manner of nymphs, flies and moths. Hodd often took Elm fishing along the River Ashaba and some of it’s smaller tributaries. If Elm has a weakness it is his fondness for seafood and a good brew.

Rinea often stopped by the Abbey at least two or three times a year to check on Elm’s progress. Rinea and Elm became very close and from her he learned to use the spear, scimitar, shield, sling and other simple weapons. Rinea was a Wild Elf from Chondath and she taught him to speak and read the elvish language. She told him grand stories of ancient elven lore. In these stories he learned of Myth Drannor, Illefarn and countless other ancient elvish nations, where elves, dwarves and even humans lived together in peace and harmony with nature and magic. He was both fascinated by their accomplishments and angered that the greed of so few could bring down so much.

Father Ganon aspires to bolster the Abbey’s numbers and increase it’s standing within the Dalelands. The Abbey sponsors several adventuring parties to clear out regions of the Cormanthor Forest infected with Drow, Undead and other manners of evil. During Elm’s time at the Abbey a small sect of Malar were eradicated not far from the Pools of Yeven by Druids and Rangers from the Abbey.

Elm was inspired by these adventurers and he told Father Ganon that when he attained eighteen winters of age that he planned on leaving the Abbey to travel. Father Ganon and even Rinea voiced their concerns about his decision. But in 1348 DR, Year of the Spur, Father Ganon passed away so Elm left the Abby to head west.

To protect nature and hopefully convert others to follow Silvanus, Mielikki or Eldath. He also hopes to one day discover the identity of his mother and father. To thwart the plans of clerics and priests of Talos, Malar, Shar and other opposing deities of Silvanus. To aid the simple farmer and craftsmen and others in need as he once was helped by Rinea.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
-To learn his mother’s and father’s identity as well as his own. This could lead to a drawn out plot/storyline.
-To learn why the amulet was stolen?
-His interest in elvish lore could be piqued.
-Upcoming trials to join the Elder Circle.
-Any threats to the druid circle, Rangers, nature or the surrounding farms.
-The search for elvish lore.
-Any missions sent directly from the Elder Circle.

Misc. Fact:
((P.S. In real life I am an avid Cook, Fisherman, Cigar Connoisseur, Gardener, Amateur Brewer, and a Falconer and hunt often with my bird (an 830 gram female Harris Hawk named "Elia"). So if you have questions I am very knowledgable. http://www.txaustringer.wordpress.com))
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