Telia Santraeger

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Telia Santraeger

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Template For Character:


"I know now who I really am, and it isn’t something to be scared of."
- Morgana (Merlin)

Name: Telia Santraeger, née Navra

Telia is a human woman in her mid-twenties and of average height. Her movements are graceful and elegant, without appearing frail. It is quite evident that this woman is well aware of her good looks and often carries herself in such a way to bring attention to her shapely, curvy body. She has a healthy complexion which is free of blemishes. Telia's face is slightly angular with narrow cheekbones. Her eyes are almond shaped, the colour an intense green and seem to pin down whoever looks deep into them. The eyes are cold in an otherwise warmly toned face but her eyes, to those who would notice such, often reveal her true emotion while her face shows something else. Long black eyelashes give her eyes an even more dramatic look. Her eyebrows are black and shaped into a slight arch. She often uses paints on her face and kohls around her eyes to accentuate her good features even more. Full sensual lips are often found to be smiling pleasantly, painted a brilliant red. Sometimes, there is a shadow coming across her face, as if she is troubled by things which seem to haunt her.

Her black hair reaches a bit below her shoulders, with strands of it frequently falling in front of her eyes. It can be a bit difficult to pinpoint Telia's ancestry from but for those with the know, she appears to be of a mixed Chondathan heritage, although a little paler in skin and darker in hair than is common. Her voice is pleasant and rich, she is often speaking in a low, soft voice. Telia's accent is that of an Baldurian but someone who's lived their whole life in Baldur's Gate may detect a trace of something foreign. Someone who's grown up in Waterdeep may find a hint of Waterdhavian.

Telia's clothes are of very fine quality and she adorns herself with jewellery. They are both subtle and of good craftsmanship and do not appear garish. Of note is a silver ring on her left ring finger with a carved yellow rose, emblazoned in gold filigree with stem and leaves curling around a small sapphire and ruby. A white rose which does not appear to wilt, is often worn in her hair. Around her left wrist, there is a rust-red cord which those with the know, would recognize as a symbol of Ilmater. Usually hidden under her clothes, is a necklace with keys as well as a simple eight-pointed silver star of Mystra on a separate, silver chain. If she is adventuring she will often wear a tunic and several pouches can be seen on her person. If she is wearing a dress for casual or formal occasions, it can be assumed that these pouches are hidden. An enchanted dagger is hidden on her person but no other weapons are visible apart from a rapier at rare occasions. Her appearance, clothes and equipment are always kept in a pristine condition and are almost unnaturally free from dirt. A lyre is usually slung over one shoulder. A thick scent of gardenia surrounds her.

Race: Human, mixed Chondathan (of Netherese descendance).
Age: Appears to be in her early twenties. Born on the 18th of Marponeth (October) in 1327 DR, Year of the Blue Flame.
Height 5'4 / 163 cm.
Weight: Shapely, with pleasing curves.
Eyes: Green, intense and cold in tone.
Hair: Black, reaching just below her shoulders.


"We are all of us both light and dark, do you not find it so? Wanting in our hearts to do right and able to do wrong. And so it’s the choices we’ve made, surely, that make of us what we are."
- Penelope Williamson, The Passions of Emma

Personality Profile:
In the past, Telia's actions were largely an act. It was difficult for even herself to know what was acting and what was not; things blurred together. The lies she told herself and the convictions she held had twisted her own mind. Her patience when dealing with others has worn down and her annoyance and anger surfaces more easier. It seems the sorceress has more difficulty to hold such emotions back after her time in Darkhold. Telia could once have been considered to be an easily approachable woman but since leaving the Zhentarim, receiving her pardon by the Dukes of Baldur's Gate and being labelled a traitor several times over has made her almost cease to care what others think of her in public. When angered, she often appears calm and collected. Her words are then quiet and pronounced distinctly - and often vicious. Her anger is quick and fierce and cools down unless she is further aggravated. When frustrated or agitated, she will often rub her temples or pull at her hair. She used to lash out with magic when in an agitated state but has ceased with it, having found peace in worship of Mystra. While her emotions can get the better of her, Telia does often show that she is quite clever in her way of thinking. When she sets her mind to something, she gets things done and can be rather hardworking towards set goals.

Past happenings has made Telia be more alert for danger and expect the worst from people. She was not paranoid but feared betrayal, seeing and experiencing it too often in her childhood and youth. At the end of 1349 to beginning of 1350 DR, she began to develop something more akin to paranoia, especially after leaving the Zhentarim in Nightal 1350 DR. Her fear of betrayal has increased after she has betrayed so many people herself - and also from experiencing more betrayals against her. She is envious of close friendships, family ties and absolute trust. Telia has become far more cautious, not knowing who among her former acquaintances she can still trust and also suspicious of newer faces. She clearly acts as a woman who has seen connections on the other side of the veil, not visible to the common people, and marked by that not everything is what it seems. Friendships do not come easily to her and despite all her own wrongdoings in the past and her flaws, she finds it difficult to forgive others.

There is a ruthless part of her, a part which she struggles with when angered or afraid. While she desires companionship and closeness, she will not admit to those desires easily. They come from a life of having to fend for oneself and where admitting reliance and need of others was a sign of weakness. The time Telia spent with the Zhentarim have also confused her in terms of what are strengths and weaknesses. Her compassionate side made her look weak in the Zhentarim but her ruthless side seems to make her almost look cruel outside of it. For all her flaws, Telia can be compassionate and caring. Such genuine emotion is reserved for the people she deeply loves, such as her husband Ameris Santraeger. Despite her strange view of the world she does somtimes extend a helping hand. Such is more likely when she can relate in some way to the person. On a day-to-day basis, her considerations of others is more based on their threat level to her and those dear to her.

Gossiping is a pastime of enjoyment for Telia and her sharp tongue sees good practice in that area. Many would have seen Telia drink copious amounts of wine before Tarsak in 1351 DR but the sorceress seems to have slowed down on her consumption. Despite her background, she does not revel in bringing unnecessary death and pain to others and never has done. A life taken cannot so easily be replaced and dealing death is dirty work. She has a quite pragmatic view when it comes to such things.

Endless riches and political power do not really intrigue her. Wealth can easily be lost and power comes with its own demands. This is something Telia has experienced several times; from her time in Waterdeep, to coming to Baldur's Gate with nothing and then achieving a high rank in the Zhentarim to leave and yet again be with nothing. There is a determination in her to build up something for herself again. It is only a matter of time. She however, would not do so if the costs are too high. There are certain things Telia values above all else. Ameris Santraeger, the man she somehow ended up marrying, is on top of that list.

"Love is another kind of power, which shouldn't surprise you. Magic comes from emotions, among other things. And when two people are together, in that intimacy, when they really, selflessly love each other it changes them both. It lingers on in the energy of their lives, even when they are apart."
- Jim Butcher, Blood Rites

General Health: Worsened after her death at Thayan hands in Ches, 1351 DR. She tires more easily, gets bruises and colds more often.
Deity: Mystra, reveres Ilmater and in her performances, Liira.
Alignment: True Neutral under certain priestly influences. Initial alignment, Neutral Evil.
Profession: Performer and Editor-in-chief of the Herald newspaper.
Base Class & Proposed Development: Finger-waggler.
-Enjoys tales and listening to other people's performances.
-Likes gossip.
-Picking up other people's habits.
-Drinking wine, Calimsharian Amber being a favourite.
-Reading romance novels.
-Smooching a certain priest.
-Enduring. Especially a certain priest.
Languages: Chondathan from growing up in Waterdeep, Common, she can make herself understandable in rather bad elven and knows Netherese and Loross (High Netherse) from her time as a Magus in the Zhentarim.
Weapon of Choice: Her looks. If that fails, magic. If that fails... hitch up the skirts and RUUUUUN.
An enchanted dagger is hidden on her person. It is a very delicate weapon, as if it was made from air and is nearly transparent in sunlight. She has lately began training with a rapier.


"Sometimes you've got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences."
- Morgana (Merlin)

His Majesty King Silvyr is a ginger tabby. The male feline is young in age and lured away from an alley in the Harbor District by Ameris Santraeger. The cat was to comfort the sorceress after a difficult time and to hunt down the rats in the Temple of Ilmater. Once scrawny and flea ridden, Silvyr has been taken well care of and has bonded with Telia, marking him out from other cats. Despite the priest having had an important part in bringing the cat over to the Temple, Silvyr has not quite got over the fact that he was subject to a bath at his hands. He has has warmed up to Ameris lately despite the suspect hand creatures which emerge from the priest now and then and the lace-snakes lairing in the priest's boots. Silvyr also feels the sorceress' emotions through their bond and is likely to be even less tolerant of the priest when she is especially upset with the man. Or anyone who upsets her, for that matter. The bond makes Silvyr fiercely loyal to Telia but outside of it, the cat has a quite mischievous personality. He likes going to forbidden places and doing sneaky little cat things. He has become quite round as Telia is prone to spoiling him with proper cooked food, which she refuses to acknowledge.

Her previous familiar was a rat named Devil, who went by 'Dev'. He was nursed back to health by Telia in her childhood after he had been used in rat fights, from where his name came from. He had a torn ear and a milky white eye. He died of old age when the connection between him and Telia was severed at her death at Thayan hands.

The common story Telia gives others is that she grew up in Waterdeep, as a daughter to a tailor and a laundress. There's only a small trace of her Waterdhavian accent in her speech. The truth is a little bit different.

A more detailed early background, the 'real' one:
Hidden: show
Telia grew up in Waterdeep as a daughter to Irina Navra and a largely unknown man who she knows from her mother looked much like herself, with pale skin and dark hair and from who she likely inherited her magic. Her mother was of ill health for a few years after Telia was born and finally succumbed to the sickness when Telia was seven. All she knows of her father is what little her mother kept telling her; that he had her complexion and raven black hair. It was obvious that the strange handsome man had broken her mother's heart. Her death, Telia would ponder later, may just as well have been from equal measures of illness and heartache. Telia inherited her green eyes from her mother but the "spark" in them as well as likely her magic from her father. She disliked the orphanage she was first sent to and ran away when she was old enough to steal for food. Telia's memories of her mother are vague and associated with the weakness but she also associates her mother with warmth and care, a rare piece of love she had early in her life and which would be a rarity later on.

A small group consisting of other dishonest youngsters took her in, taking advantage of her sweet innocent looks to distract their victims. Its from them Telia learned a bit about picking locks and playing different roles. Although she can pick simple locks, she sees herself above petty thievery and has therefore not fully mastered this skill. Cons and deceit have been her preferable means. For long hours in her childhood, Telia spied on nobles and merchants, jealous of their lives but also studying them. As she grew older Telia's childhood sweetness exchanged for womanly beauty. She was able to walk the richer streets by seducing and deceiving wealthy men. In her last years in Waterdeep she dealt with gathering, planting and forwarding information, always working under someone and often being used for little to no benefits to herself. Telia has sworn to never again be under someone's control as she was back then but knows that to climb the social ladder, she has to work for someone but is determined to make it under her own terms.

Telia's childhood was in no way good, if she did something wrong, she got beaten but care was taken that her face wouldn't be damaged. More often than not, people she cared about were assigned her punishments in her place. This way she quickly learned that any friends and feelings for people would be used against her. Telia has seen her fair share of beatings, abuse and murder. She was not exactly a clumsy child but could never learn how to hide in the shadows and move around without being heard. It has however not hindered her, as despite her appearance drawing attention wherever she goes, she has learned to use it to her advantage. She has always felt superior to other people in her surroundings and early saw it as a sign that she was destined for better.
“Magic is dangerous: it's neither good nor bad, right nor wrong; it can be both a blessing and a curse. It takes strength, the strength of a man, to make the magic his own, to make it serve him, and not the other way around."
- Daniel Wallace, The Kings and Queens of Roam

The social stigma related to being labelled as a sorceress bothers Telia greatly and while she does not hide her magic, her difficulties with it are not something she likes to talk about openly. Her magical talent surfaced in her teens and she has since struggled to gain control of it. Telia's control of her magic has improved after she has found that using it (and by doing so, understanding it) decreases the chance of mishaps. However, when in dangerous situations she seeks to conserve her magic instead, trying to save it for an encounter where it can make a real difference. This approach to magic and how to understand it, strengthens her connection to Mystra. To understand magic and to not be careless with magic.

While she does not have a formal education and has never been taught magic properly, Telia realizes that knowing and understanding the past and the current workings of things can be very useful. In her teens, she sometimes studied informally under a wizard due to other people's fright of her magic, who hoped the wizard may force her magic under control. It was quite obvious that Telia was ill suited for wizardly studies (especially in her teen years) but the wizard did pick up on her skill for lettering and had her copy many of his texts. That which she understood, she read. Hoping to further some of her interests, Telia joined Candlekeep as an Acolyte in winter 1349 DR. She advanced to a Seeker before leaving in spring 1350 DR due to disagreements on how Candlekeep was managed.

Telia greatly enjoys the performing arts and when she came to Baldur's Gate, she focused on improving her skills. She joined the troupe at the White Mask Theater under Director Herran Hymn's lead at the beginning of 1349 DR. Her work and dedication was recognized and she soon became the Assistant Director. The position made her hone her skills and become more secure in her role as a performer. She can act, recite, sing and play the lyre. Telia resigned from her position at the theater and left it in Mirtul, 1350 DR when she decided to take a more open role in the Zhentarim.

Telia joined the Zhentarim in secrecy in Elesias 1439 DR as a mage and Agent. In Mirtul 1350 DR, she went public with her affiliations. Her decision took place soon after the Zhentarim had captured and killed Ameris Santraeger and Cecilia Lafayette. While not being directly involved in the capture, Telia did torture both of them. Soon after Telia became open with her affiliation with the Zhentarim she earned the rank of Zhentarim Captain and then got elevated to Dreadmaster (often known as Lord Magus, marking her as a mage of considerable power within the Black Network). Her work within the Zhentarim was mostly focused on diplomatic relations and magical research. In Uktar 1350 DR, Telia took all magical artifacts she had access to and walked out of Darkhold to never return. The decision to leave seems to have been her own; she was not cast out. Dread Lord Eliphas Valkarian has officially marked her as a traitor. She is quite well aware of the consequences of her actions - there is no mercy for traitors of the Zhentarim and she will always have to be looking over her shoulder for when they might decide to make her pay for her actions.

After spending some time in hiding and keeping a low profile, Telia returned to Baldur's Gate in order to build up her life again and for the protection the city would offer. She received a pardon from the Dukes on the 10th of Nightal, 1351 DR, at some cost to her. It is something she does not openly speak of but she always carries the Flaming Fist document with her which is proof of her pardon. In the months to come in the city, she re-joined the White Mask Theater and began to write for the Baldur's Gate Herald newspaper and then became the Editor-in-chief at the end of Alturiak, 1351 DR. Much of her time was spent in the Temple of Ilmater, with Ameris Santrager whom she had loved for a long time. It was a love which neither never dared to show but when he aided her during her time in hiding, the priest and sorceress grew closer to each other. They grew closer still in the months after when they were openly seen in Baldur's Gate during the Ilmateri fight against the plague.

Ameris and Telia married in Elesias, 1351 DR in Ithmong, Tethyr. They said their vows to Sister Dethliss, who had been the one to bring Ameris into the Ilmateri faith. They had journeyed to Tethyr for three months to sort out some of Ameris' past and what had happened to his family's home. After the return from the journey, Telia would appear to have become a little more calm as if she found some inner purpose and takes her role of supporting her husband seriously. She is still overprotective at times.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."
- Martin Luther King Jr

Telia has with Priestess Aeili Azenci's aid come to understand Mystra better and now wears an eight pointed star in silver as a symbol of her closeness with the goddess of magic. Her relation with Mystra has been filled with conflict and she has felt resentment towards the goddess for being born with magic, something which has caused her pain and suffering in the past. She has taken part in a Mystran ritual under Aeili Azenci's eye and several other Mystran faithful contributing - a Magefire ceremony. The Ilmateri ritual performed by Ameris Santraeger to bring her back from the dead after the Thayans had killed her in Ches, 1351 DR, had changed Telia and she felt lost and weak. The Magefire ceremony bathed her in blue healing and renewing light and made her come the closest she has ever been to the goddess, almost feeling her touch directly. As if she saw the weave and understood it much better and how to reach out to it. She is respectful of other gods, even if she does not worship them in any way herself and prefers to not use their names when speaking of them.

While being surrounded by priests and followers of Bane during her time with the Zhentarim, Telia did not worship the Black Hand. She found Bane's dogma and commands of complete obedience difficult to adhere to. While she respected it and appeared to work alongside others, it was not a faith which attracted her or otherwise called out to her.

Where she came from does not matter as much as where she is going.


"My magic comes from the same places. And maybe from darker places than that. Fear is an emotion, too. So is rage. So is lust. And madness. I'm not a particularly good person. I'm no Charles Manson or anything, but I'm not going to be up for canonization either. Though in the past, I think maybe I was a better person than I am today. In the past I hadn't seen so many people hurt and killed and terrorized by the same kind of power that damn well should have been making the world a nicer place, or at the least staying the hell away from it. I hadn't made so many mistakes back then, so many shortsighted decisions, some of which had cost people their lives. I had been sure of myself. I had been whole."
- Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

-Earn enough gold to buy decent equipment, scrolls and wands.
  • -Earn more gold to improve on what she already has.
-Pursue a career in acting at the White Mask Theater.
  • -Became the Assistant Director and made the Theater reputable in the city of Baldur's Gate in 1349 DR.
  • -Resigned from her position after a year, in 1350 DR.
  • -Was offered to join again in Alturiak 1351 DR to resign a few months later due to disagreements.
  • -She joined once again in Eleint 1351 DR after putting disagreements to rest.
-Improve her acting, by practising her voice, facial expressions and manners.
  • -Has improved considerably due to working in the Theater.
-Learn to play an instrument.
  • -Has learned how to play the lyre.
-Learn to play other Instruments.
  • -Has began to practise the mandolin.
-Maybe overcome her fear of betrayal.
  • -Some progress in late 1349 DR.
  • -Betraying and new betrayals against her have made her more careful. Early 1350 DR
  • -Is more paranoid than ever after leaving the Zhentarim in late 1350 DR.
-Find out more about her magical talent.
  • -Using it decreases the chance of mishaps. She is aware that she is a sorceress but it is not something she's happy about but does recognize that magic is useful.
  • -Has found out her bloodline.
-Has come to realize the importance of knowledge and the texts she read as young.
  • -Joined Candlekeep in Uktar 1349 DR as an Acolyte and ascended to Seeker.
  • -Left Candlekeep in Tarsakh 1450 DR due to disagreements.
  • -Spent nearly a year researching various topics in Darkhold's library.
-Aims to have a substantial book collection of her own, focused on stories and myths.
  • -Has lost most of the collection, it is still in Darkhold.
-Study and understand the magical items in her possession and care.
-Join a powerful organization for influence.
  • -Became a mage of the Zhentarim in Elesias 1349 DR, in secrecy.
  • -Went public with her Zhentarim membership in Mirtul 1350 DR.
  • -Left the Zhentarim in Uktar 1350 and was marked a traitor.
-Joined the Herald newspaper in Hammer 1351 DR.
  • -Became Editor-in-chief of the Herald and majority owner in Alturiak 1351 DR.
-Uphold her marriage vows.

"What if magic isn't something you choose? What if it chooses you?"
- Morgana (Merlin)

Misc Facts:
-She enjoys teasing and adopts a carefree manner around some people. She does have a more serious side and there is a capable woman underneath the facial paints.
-A drawn out process is her preferred way of seduction, not offering too much at once, teasing and leaving the other wanting for more.
-She will use her appearance to her advantage and act different roles when needed.
-Envies bards who sing and play instruments with a skill she knows she can never master.
  • -She has become a much better performer herself and envies other less as her own talent grows.
-Envies people who make a honest living and who are entirely convinced by their good ideals
  • -Has come to more respect the choice, as she sees the difficulty and struggles it comes with.
-Envies close friendships, family ties and absolute trust.
-Hates the feeling of helplessness and being incapable.
-Fears losing control of her magic and lashing out with it.
-Fears becoming too attached to other people.
  • -Has become overly attached to Ameris Santraeger and her familiar, Silvyr.
-Is quite prone to jealousy.
-Ghosts make her very uncomfortable as well as oozes, a certain shadowy creature on a shadowy plane, glowing eyes in the dark and complete darkness.
-Undead make her uncomfortable as well after numerous incidents.
-Devils and demons disgust and annoy her.
-Dislikes fire giants and orcs.
-Has some respect for beholders.
-Tortured Ameris Santraeger and Cecilia Lafayette in Darkhold's dungeons in early 1350 DR.
-Was responsible for Cara Joriani's death (public execution in Darkhold) in 1350 DR.

"I have always been told... that magic is evil. It corrupts your soul."
- Morgana (Merlin)

Notable performances:
1349 DR
-The leading female role as Lady Fair in the play "Thistle".
-Hosted a general Greengrass celebration in Baldur's Gate.
-Performed for the dwarven King Dovkin Battlehammer in a dwarven celebration and brawl.
-Performed in the noble Elias Keller's house during a noble gala.
-Provided entertainment at Narasida Zakine's and Hernando Albrongardo's wedding celebration.
-Hosted a Highharvesttide in Baldur's Gate in collaboration with the Greyfox Tribe, The Elder Circle and Nature's Faithful.
-Performed at the Candlekeep Knowledge Fair.
-The leading female role as Ivy in the play "Gypsies, Tramps & Greed".

1350 DR
-Hosted a Midwinter Celebration in Baldur's Gate.
-Hosted several Open Stage Nights until her resignation.

1351 DR
-Hosted a Greengrass celebration in Baldur's Gate.


"All the world's a stage."
- William Shakespeare

Plot Hooks:
-Gaining knowledge
  • -Research her magical items.
  • -Obtain valuable books and artefacts for Darkhold herself.
-Gain more influence, in any form.
  • -Earn back some respect which she used to hold and rebuild relations.
-Be admitted again to Baldur's Gate.
-Make up for her perceived wrongs to Ameris Santraeger.
-Advancing other people's plots.

"There's stories and then there's stories. The ones with any worth change your life forever, perhaps only in a small way, but once you've heard them, they are forever a part of you. You nurture them and pass them on, and the giving only makes you feel better. The others are just words on a page."
- Charles de Lint, Dreams Underfoot

More picture(s) and quotes:
(Actress is Katie McGrath from Merlin)
Hidden: show
“I didn't want to believe that killing was deep inside of me. I didn't want to think about the part of me that took a dark joy in gathering all the power it could and using it as I saw fit, everything else be damned. There was power to be had in hatred, too, in anger and in lust, in selfishness and in pride. And I knew that there was some dark corner of me that would enjoy using magic for killing—and then long for more. That was black magic, and it was easy to use. Easy and fun. Like Legos."
- Jim Butcher, Fool Moon

-"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness."
- Leo Tolstoy

"Paranoia is a survival trait when you run in my circles. It gives you something to do in your spare time, coming up with solutions to ridiculous problems that aren't ever going to happen. Except when one of them does, at which point you feel way too vindicated."
- Jim Butcher, Changes

"Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception."
- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are."
- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

"I don't want to be brave. I just want to be myself. I don't want to be alone anymore."
— Morgana (Merlin)

"There is no power on Earth greater than the power of love. True love like, true friendship, is one of life's sweetest miracles."
- Merlin (Merlin)

"You don't know what it's like to be an outsider. To be ashamed of how you were born, to hide who you are. There is no other way."
- Morgana (Merlin)

"The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present."
- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince







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"I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic."

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Re: Telia Navra

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// Updated with a few things including a fancy image. Original image - Katie McGrath portraying Morgana in Merlin.
"I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic."

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Re: Telia Navra

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// A slight update. Removed some things which were basically never touched on in RP and added some bits.
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Re: Telia Navra

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// Significant update to reflect recent events. Obviously anyone using anything gained from this bio alone will be Disintegrated. Respect the OOC / IC distinction please :)

Some parts are still not available for public view. Most of what is here is the truth. Maybe. A DM or anyone else with a good reason can request the whole version and the true truth.
"I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic."

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Re: Telia Navra

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//Updated to reflect recent events. Again, everything here is OOC. Your characters do not know it unless they have learnt it ICly.

All the quotes have some kind of relevance to Telia, of course :D

Moving the song of betrayal for record keeping here:
Hidden: show
Duster47 wrote:This is maybe more than she deserves but I could not stop myself from writing it.

Bye Bye Beautiful

Now the halls are without your lies
Betrayed by a painted smile on your face
Your deception is our disgrace
We never thought there was so much to lose
Blink my eyes just once then our friendship is in ruins

Did you truly hear what I told you?
Did you truly read what I wrote you?
Did you truly listen to what we sang?
Did you truly let in what the world said?
Did we come this far just to meet this fate?
Did we play to become only pawns in your game?
How blind could I be?
I bet you did see?
You chose the dark road, but will you be grieving?

Bye bye, beautiful!

Tyrant’s host is the girl with black hair
Blindfold for the kind
Dead warriors walking the dying ground
Chains around a broken heart
Trust torn apart
Slowly burn the funeral pyres
Do you need to lie to feel alive?


Bye bye, beautiful!

It's not the wind that forsakes the liar
But the liar that forsakes the wind
Someday I`ll learn to love these scars
Still fresh from the fiery blade of your words

How blind could I be?
I bet you did see?
Our friendship is lost
Though do you even care?


Bye bye, beautiful!
Do not trust the southlanders!

Shamelessly hacked from “Bye Bye Beautiful” by Nightwish
"I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic."

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//Updated... to reflect a better witch.
"I don't want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic."

Telia Santraeger - Emotional sorceress & priestess of Mystra. [Retired]

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