Aaron Lyonaler - Favored of the Lady of Strategy

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Aaron Lyonaler - Favored of the Lady of Strategy

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First Name: Aaron

Last Name: Lyonaler


Handsome (25 Cha currently, 28 Cha at lvl 30), a toned muscular build, A red colored knight chess piece with diamonds in the eye sockets hangs from a necklace around his neck, his hair always seems to fall perfectly out-of-place.

Race: Human

Age: 22

Height: 6'3

Weight: 220 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Raven Black

Facial Hair Style: No facial hair

Personality Profile:

Kind, gentle, and friendly, Aaron will freely offer his aid. Soft spoken, unless in battle he will step up and ensure orders are clearly and consciously understood by any under his authority. While in a group setting he is often quiet, listening to conversations and watching people's body language almost as if playing a game of chess, strategizing his and others next moves.

General Health: Exceptional

Deity: Red Knight

Initial Alignment: LG

Profession: Tactician/Strategist, Knight within the Order of the Silver Rose

Base Class & Proposed Development: Favored Soul 21, 4 Anointed Knight, 5 Paladin (Projected at level 30)

Habits/Hobbies: Patrolling the Tradeway, Creating and improving on stratagems, Chess and other games,

Languages: Common

Weapon of Choice: His Longsword "Bastion of Light"


Aaron is a calculated strategist. His voice never raises in conversation, unless in the midst of combat, he is never overly excited or yells at people, even if he is verbally attacked by someone. A smile often graces his face, frowning is something incredibly rare for him. He will use his words before drawing his weapon. He is often heard quoting, "A proper example is a greater weapon for good then the sword."

Aaron has lived in the area of Baldur's Gate all his life. As a child he would spend all the time he could with his father, who was often away at sea, and his mother. His favorite activity was playing chess with his father, which they would spend hours near the shore competing.

At the age of twelve Aaron finally bested his father in the game. Pleased, his father tipped over his King piece. As the King piece struck the board Aaron blacked out, the next thing he realized he was on a large chess board, surrounded by massive game pieces moving about as if on their own. In the vision he saw and heard many things that he cannot speak on. When he awoke from the dream his father was standing over him in his bed, in his hand was a red colored knight chess piece with diamonds in the eye sockets that had not been there before.

On his thirteenth birthday he was accepted by a mentor within the walls of Baldur's Gate, where he was taught strategy and swordsmanship. As his studies progressed he was, on occasion, visited with similar visions as before, and soon realized a innate ability to call on blessings from the divines to aid himself and others.

On his Sixteenth birthday Aaron returned to the home of his parents. There he found his old home in shambles, his mother missing, and his father dead. No signs pointed to who was responsible, though reports of pirates had been confirmed in the area. After burying his father, Aaron returned to his home in Baldur's Gate and completed his training.

At the age of eighteen Aaron was noticed by and extended an offer to join with the Company of the Red Falcon mercenary company. After spending a few years of travel, battling, and studying with the mercenary group Aaron longed for his home of Baldur's Gate, to which he returned.

After returning to Baldur's Gate, Aaron was accepted as a Squire within the Order of the Silver Rose. After a Squiring period he was promoted to a Knighthood with the rank of Knight Errant. Aaron was recently informed he would soon be promoted to Knight Warrant, a promotion that brings him great pride.


1) To increase the safety of the Tradeway

2) To hone his tactical skills and his skills with the sword, to some day master them both

3) To increase the knowledge of the, frankly, unknown god The Red Knight with those he meets

4) Find pupils to share his battle strategies and tactics with, since so many on the Sword Coast seem to be the "Kick-in-the-door" types with little thought towards their or others safety and well being.

5) He wishes to increase his ability to call on the divine to better aid himself and others (This achieved through gaining experience and raising in levels)

6) To be found worthy to receive additional visions and guidance from Red Knight

7) To locate a shield he has seen in visions as he sleeps called "Counter Gambit" (There is no such shield in any source books, this is just the name of a tower shield that I made up, since there is little mention of any artifacts from Red Knight)

8) To prove himself of the honors he has received within the Order of the Silver Rose.

Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:

1) Aaron does not know exactly who killed his parents, though he suspects pirates

2) He has been given several visions of a shield with a red knight chess piece emblem on the face of the shield, along with the sword "Checkmate". He only knows that the shield is called "Counter Gambit", though he does not know where it is located or what properties it holds. He only knows he has been tasked to locate it.

3) He wishes to spread knowledge of the unknown god, The Red Knight.

4) On occasion sees visions granted by Red Knight with instruction.

5) The Red Knight chess piece that hangs from his neck, also his holy symbol, is of the utmost importance to him.

6) Has achieved Knighthood within the Order of the Silver Rose.
Aaron Lyonaler - Favored of The Red Knight, Tactician of the Lady of Strategy, Bastion of Light, Knight of the Radiant Heart, Order of Lions Member, Former Commander of the Order of the Silver Rose Bio, Journal

"A proper example is a greater weapon for Good than the sword."
-Aaron Lyonaler