Damien Pascal - Character Biography

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Damien Pascal - Character Biography

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First Name: Damien
Last Name: Pascal

Appearance: Elderly human who seems slightly weighed down by his age.
Race: Human
Age: Looks to be over 60.
Height Six foot
Weight: 195 Pounds
Eyes: Greyish
Hair: Matted light Grey tied back in a small ponytail
Facial Hair Style: Full Grey beard, neatly ish Kept

Personality Profile:
General Health: Only the usual ailments which are connected to old age, otherwise considered healthy though recently can be seen to be extremely exhausted, as if not slept for some time.
Deity: Istishia
Initial Alignment: Evil Neutral
Profession: Healer for Hire/Sell Sword for the Ebon Blade
Base Class & Proposed Development: Favoured soul/Blackguard.
Habits/Hobbies: Eating well and sleeping comfortably, also educating himself and experimenting with his new found powers, trying to understand what it is and why he has it. Furthermore studying orcs and their culture, even trying to slowly learn their language, the reasons for this is unknown to others, but he will try to find out information on the creatures wherever his travels take him.
Languages: Human and Elven and undercommon
Weapon of Choice: War Hammer

Background: For many years Damien worked as a young man under his uncles tutelage as a local apothecary, helping him mix potions and aid the local towns people in Roaringshore with their countless of ailments, most of them what you would expect from pirates and such folk in a dock town.

Years passed and Damien's uncle passed away leaving behind in his Will the small clinic he owned to Damien, hoping the young man back then would follow in his footsteps.

Damien did so for many years, including long enough for Damien to have a wife and son's of his own, who all passed away as Damien continued his work within the clinic... Many years became even more and Damien was now considered a old man, and this consideration was reflected heavily in his countenance, a bushy whisk of a beard framed by heavy eyebrows and even heavier set of wrinkles made the permanent scowl he always wore whilst working just a part of him...

As with everything, things would change; Damien was working in the Clinic one evening when a Pirate of a rather fierce repuationcame in with a concern of the most private of matters, the sore he showed Damien perhaps reminding the old man retirement might not be such a bad idea soon.

None the less this was not the only problem facing Damien that day, he had run out of his usual components to fix the issue at hand, and knowing the ill reputation of the pirate in question, informing him to come back later might not sit too well with him, So Damien did what most men would in such a situation, he lied and mixed together something else completely, informing the pirate that the concoction would take effect after some days.

However as Damien informed the pirate of this, anointing the pirates sore with the ointment in question something peculiar happened. The lie Damien had told the pirate became evident. It had not taken some days for the wound to heal, but merely seconds after the old healer had applied his hands to the cut-throats festering wound. Only clear skin showed now without a hint of the previous injury.

The pirate, as startled as Damien did the unthinkable and kissed the old man right on the lips, reminding Damien in his confusion once more retirement is around the corner..

Days went by where Damien contemplated what had occurred, experimenting brutally on himself by cutting into his own flesh, finding animals to even further experiment upon as he healed them back from wounds of a critical nature just by the merest touch and imagining what he wanted the wound or flesh to do..

Days became weeks as the old man spent full days experimenting on creatures and himself, trying to understand what was going on... and knowing his life had changed, perhaps for the worse or for the better, but either way he could not stay in Roarinshore anymore.

Selling all of his Uncle's items and the few he had on his own, including the clinic, he bought himself a old antique armour, weapons and enough food to make passage to Baldurs Gate where his adventure would begin...

Goals: To set up a healing clinic near the friendly arms inn. Learn more about why he suddenly has a gift for healing which before was merely mundane, now divine. Become known as also a healer for hire for adventure groups and local people.
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts: Damien is by no mean a saint, the experimentation he did was not only on animals and himself, but stray orphans too - He has in him either the power to do good or bad like other people, but when it comes to his work he has no conscience, he will do things many would find appalling to further his knowledge of the healing arts.

Also anything to further his goal of opening a clinic, gaining funds and finding the right people to further his project.

He has always hated orcs/half orcs and shows this quite openly in his roleplay, he will go out of his way to harm these creatures in any way he can. The reason for this hate is nothing short of pure racist motives.

Added plot: Currently works for a vampire lord run by a DM.

Furthermore: Seeking a gem which the Thayans have
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