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 Post subject: Kathran Mizzon
Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:48 pm 
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First Name: Kathran
Last Name: Mizzon

Race: Human
Age: 26
Height 5'6
Weight: 142lbs
Hair: tussled brown
Facial Hair Style: n/a

Personality Profile:
General Health: Appears healthy enough least whats commonly seen, besides the dirt and grime that clings to her. That less than pleasant scent that she herself seems quite used to, like sweat and oils mixed with blood and herbs. A brand of an eye on the back of her neck that looks like an eye circles by runes along with an odd collection of scaring across her arms and back quite hard to tell what left them. A closer inspection little pale and pasty, partly sunken in face and thinning frame.
Deity: unknown
Initial Alignment: chaotic neutral
Profession: Magic crafter and alchemist
Base Class & Proposed Development: Wizard/Thum/Blood Magus / master alchemist
Habits/Hobbies: Researching planer lore, crafting magical items, crafting potions, trying to survive
Languages: Common, Arcane, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial, Nethernise, orc (picking up elf when able)
Weapon of Choice: staff, a verity of grenades and poisons.

Background: Year ago she would have been part of a travel merchant trade caravan, traveling between cities and town trading they're good crafted by hands. Armor, weapons, potions, magical items all were for trade at cheap prices. but when an orc raiding group found them their few hired guardsmen were obliterated, most of the carts and good ransacked or burned. the merchants slaughtered. survivors killed on being found. till the last a younger human female battered and burned, a warlock stared down at her ready to end her life no pity. but the quick thinking human drew on her pain and lashed out at the warlock, a blade leaving a deep gash across her palm arcane leaping forth striking the warlock, surprised and amused she was spared having some use if developed correctly. taken to the orc tribe to recover or die and become food. the strong-willed human healed scar littering her body, a year later she lived among the orc but still not accepted. her faith in the human gods failed, her hope in humanity fades. merely trying to survive she trades her knowledge of the trade, langue, and knowledge to continue to simply live.
- just trying to survive
-Learn in-depth orc culture
- summon and control greater outsiders
Possible Plot-Hook Ideas and Misc Facts:
- serves the orc tribe hidden
- would likely try and make a deal with the orc gods, or an outsider
- the player is more then willing to take a perm if she gets captured / killed
- blood crazied

Ariexedes Zithuem
Kathran Mizon - Bio - Deceased
Marmiea - Bio Belief
Valkira Vexx

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 Post subject: Re: Kathran Mizzon
Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:37 am 
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Joined: Thu May 11, 2017 9:29 pm
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Slunko wrote:



" did not say order or did not demand anything from me, am not under yours anymore." the girl replied in a dry tone.

She was not useful to him anymore. She was useful to others. Valued by others. Could do things he could not. Resentment at what she was overtook and he lashed out. A bolt of acid, potent enough to fall much greater targets than the frail human girl.

"You will learn to behave, or you will be used as fodder for the pit!" he bellowed in frustration as he grabbed her by the hair, force feeding her a curative potion before dragging her onto a sacrificial slab.
Turning her head enough to reveal the Mark of Ruin upon her neck he bellowed at her:
"Do you not know the mark you bear, girl?! You belong to me. You live for me, because when I am no longer here, you will have a chance to claim all that was mine!"

"Just a quill to be used on scrolls, a vial to contain knowledge, a gate to others, an eye to observe where others can't. A vessel to be turned and used. Freed only to be used by another." the girl seems resigned. She no longer cares if she lives or dies, or so it seems to the orc.

"What is it you actually wish for, girl?" the orc asks slowly.
"The Weave that binds one, the nature weaving into existence to those that can tap into it. Few understand, even less harness it. The true, hostile an dangerous, but fruitful to those that can grasp the truth, hunger to exist within it. I want to study old lore, magic and history of what once was. I want to know who I was before I became this shadow of my old self, this nameless girl."

The orc considers... I... consider. She has so much knowledge. Such understanding... And such spirit. She was left to learn from the Uruk and now she refuses to bow, even to save her life. She is more Uruk than I, in some ways, perhaps. The Eye of Ruin knows how to bow. How to lie and scheme. We survived hatered for our weakness, for our magical gifts. We prosper in it. She can never be one of us. Her spirit is unbowing. She doesn't bend, which means she will break... She will never be one of us, which means she is a foe. An obstacle between us and our goals.

[Fingers clutch tightly around the hilt of a dagger, gently placed over the girl's heart.] She does not struggle. I think she understands, in the end at least. The dagger slides deep and she gives off a sigh. I free her truly this moment. Not the empty gesture it was before.

A bellow of sorrow echoes across the crater. I have not felt this bitter loss in an age. May it be the farewell cry that carries her spirit towards whichever god may claim her. I silently hope it is not one of our gods. I resent the love I held for this failed expriment of mine.

Ariexedes Zithuem
Kathran Mizon - Bio - Deceased
Marmiea - Bio Belief
Valkira Vexx

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