Derick Dun

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Derick Dun

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Derick Dun
Full name : --------Derick -------Dun------
Race : Lightfoot Halfling
Gender : Male
Age : 30 ish
Height : 2ft 6
Weight : 22 lbs
Born in : Luiren
City : ------
Hair : Brown
Hair style A couple inches long both wild and yet groomed
Eyes : Blue
Build : Slim, not very muscular
Tattoos : -----
A tidy well kept appearance, Throughout the day his hair gets progressively wilder, he may take time to tidy himself up but nowhere near as much care as he takes each and every morning. Dericks skin is smooth few or minor blemishes a few spots though mostly unscathed and no scars. Derick is slightly under the average weight for a halfling but not unhealthily so, the lack of muscle being a key contribution to that.

Dericks light blue eyes help light up the unwavering optimism that his face easy expresses his stubby nose and smooth rounded chin express a softness that comes with his personality, his resting expression is one of light hearted happiness one that rarely leaves him. In tenser combat situations or social situations the light hearted joy can fade to a more distilled and distant faint happiness until the pressure and stress start getting to him at which point it can quickly turn into an obvious fear and distress.

Dericks attire Is always clean and pressed at the start of the day currently wearing a formal yellow shirt and trousers with dragon styled design embroided on the sleeves A powerful bright yellow colour easily catches the eye of many a bold choice that was given to him by Hoppy Toadsmeadow. Derick has a brown cap tied at the back and a club as a main weapon, indicating that he at one point served as the equivalant of a guard or an enforcer back in his homeland. His brown cloak has a the symbol of Brandobaris sewn into the underside which is that of a left footprint.

Derick wears hardly any jewelry what he does is minor magic enchantments that aid him in his spell casting and day to day life, hardly an emphasis is placed on his wealth which while unknown how wealthy he may or may not be is an indication of what little value he places on wealth.

Derick speaks light as light hearted as he behaves often letting out the feeling that his words have no weight his words are however filled with a confidence and energy that would hint that while he may not be fully committed to what he has said he most definitely would back them up if challenged.

Personality and Attitude

Derick is light hearted goofy and playful, he can be very assertive and intruding when making introductions or in greeting with new people and is generally very forward, he occasionally over steps personal boundaries and can be very unaware of making people uncomfortable with his behavior. Derick is keen to join in and be part of interesting conversations going on around him and is curious about the the fantastic the odd and the bizarre.

In combat situations Derick is less likely to be so forward he is cautious hesitant and acts in very safe manner holding himself back for the safety of himself and others, Derick is far from a front line fighter and would rather prefer fighting at the back without risking himself, this is mostly out of fear for his own well being and awareness of his ineffectiveness in the grittiness of front line combat. He is equally afraid of seeing those at his sides falling and has been fortunate no one has fallen at his side yet, though he dreads the day and avoids going to the most dangerous situations like the battlefields knowing that seeing the atrocity of war would give him nightmares.

Dericks attitude is very much that of a typical hin inspired by the stories of the halfling pantheon Yondallas children in particular Brandobaris inspiring Derick to be the rapscallion he is.

The hin has many insecurities but hides them through a false confidence and any tries and usually succeeds to hide any nervousness or awkwardness by doubling down on his flirting and complimenting of people and it tends to be a great distraction that can either lure away or put off those who have gotten close to causing any discomfort for the hin.

** If there are ------- it means this information is unknown by anyone on the coast.
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Re: Derick Dun

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Mission, goals and events

Mission : Dericks mission is to become a famed and renown halfling wizard who will be revered all across the realm he aims to inspire future generations all around that they can achieve what many believe would be impossible and all are capable of achieving that.

True mission: Dericks true mission is -------
Reason for his True mission : -------


Derick has quickly learnt his way through the arcane almost showing great potential learning 9th circle spells in what would take many a lifetime to achieve, he is however held back from progressing further by his own laziness, its an accomplishment that he has got so far being hindered by his own laziness.

He helped slay an ice elemental the size of a mountain and a hoarde of frosty dire wolves and came out of the encounter well rewarded.


To spread his good name across the land
To elevate others of his race and let their names be known nearly as much as his if not more so
To leave behind a legacy that will reignite with each generation as they pass stories down from one to the next.


17 Eleasis 1355 : Derick participated in the defence of Nashkal fighting of hoardes of undead serving with distinction he used his magic to good effect, the bridge the group that his group was defending was one that did not fall. The command was initially offered to Derick who declined, he was not prepared to carry the weight of other peoples lives on his shoulders, instead he supported Theodric as best as he could.
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Re: Derick Dun

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Friends Family Enemies and all between


Hidden: show
An Elven Bladesinger and equivalant to the original Hin blades of Brandobaris weaving magic through their blade, she has spoke of her immense power and control over the arcane being able to channel spells of the 10th circle through her blade and has Dericks respect. She has been friendly and welcoming to Derick he enjoys playing off her teasing nature towards another friend of theirs Atria. He was recently informed his behaviour had made her uncomfortable, he has not seen her since such incident but regrets any distance caused by him. Derick is fond of the Bladesinger and who knows maybe one day she will sing for him.
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Dericks first encounter with Atria was not favourable for Atria, the fiery passionate elf had been agitated and displayed it for all to see and hear but meetings afterwards shared interests and time spent together meant the two became friends possibly his best friend and most certainly one saught out when requiring advice. Derick learnt of Atrias past much later on and has issues wrapping his head around some of the changes that has happened in her life, he does well to hide any uncomfortableness between them but fears there may be some distance between them. The captain of the Sea seeker has not ruled out any wild fling between them allowing him to dream, could it all just be a dream or are they two ships passing in the night.
Boendal Silvereye
Hidden: show
The dwarf and hin saw each other briefly at a festival and afterwards found themselves in adversarial situations after brief barbs back and forth Derick and threats made against Dericks life the halfling caved to the threats feeling great shame and cowardice. Derick has ill feelings towards the dwarf but will avoid him like a jilted lover.
Hidden: show
The green haired nature based elf is one who is both grounded and calm like the waters of Eldath her patience with Derick is true testament to her character she speaks a little of the common tongue but mostly her native and slyvan, Derick understands her quite in all ways but only speaks back in the common tongue which she too understands, speaking in rhyme with melody Derick too has sought to speak back to her with melody and lyric though often he fails and misses the mark. scarcely seeing one another the hin remains fond of Deleniel, she is hesitant that the two can become more but Derick hopes she can branch out.
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The two met early on in the hins time on the coast and have almost paralleled each other both practicers of the arcane, while the hin recognises that Emeth definately has the edge in mastery and understanding of the arcane which has garnered respect and admiration, Akin to how Emeth has shown respect the hins tireless resolve. Derick can still teach the human a thing or two and may suprise him.
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Frin is a halfling arcanist who has become a good friend of Dericks, they share a great deal in common and many mutual friends. The halfling brings as much sass and energy as Derick can if not more enjoying the same mischief that he does. Together they have spent quality time together in drinking games and a little meeting where the two spent time getting to know each other. Derick has let his guard down and is honest and open with Frin revealing more to her than he has others. If the two of them ever got serious it could spark some real life in their relationship.
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Hoppy is a halfling Mystran mage causing waves among the weave in and the coast, her bubbly bright spirited attitude and energetic nature brings a level of chaos commonly associated with their people. Hoppy has earned the respect of many including Derick and had her reputation spreads wildly along with her accomplishments of saving Nashkal and recognition amongst the church Derick feels that Hoppy is closer to achieving the goal he seeks than he is currently to inspire people (mostly hin) to follow the path of the arcane. If Derick and Hoppy were to get together you can be assured there would be magic.
Hidden: show
His first encounter with the masked elf peaked his curiosity in this land of strange wonders he pursued his curiosity of her causing some discomfort in his jests and jibes, Laeria would play his flirty games and they very quickly became good affectionate friends she even gave him a nickname of Hin-bun, one that Derick cherished. Recently the elf has been distant and despondent to Derick feeling separated from her and unsure why a dwarven threats came at an inopportune time he now avoids her for fear of his life and the dwarfs retribution. Having learnt of her dragonic heritage Derick has been curious about her and her abilities while being a little jealous, the thought remains that one day maybe he will become a dragon rider.
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Sane is the arch druid and a friend of Dericks, its good to have friends in high places, Derick high energy and unwavering spirit garnered him the amusement of Sane, Derick has promised to help teach Sane the art of love, an art in which romance and seduction elude the druid. This act of friendship is in part a ploy for multiple reasons. Derick hopes that under his mentorship Sane can end up sleeping in a new hedge.
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Terri has treated Derick as an equal from the moment she met him for that he holds a great deal of affection and respect for Terri, she has thrown him into situations way above his head and shown him the greater challenges of the coast facing them head on with her husband at her side, together they have faced many incredible adversaries and came out far wealthier because of it. One of if not the leader of the Phoenix company Derick hopes to get a rise out of her in the mornings that is if Vendor is willing to share.
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Tialysana has been one of Dericks most consistent friends playful and witty free and chaotic all of which compliment Derick and his behavior, she is stealth and sleek and masterful of magic and song he has yet to see her in action but believes that together he could make her hit a few high notes.
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Vendor has put up with and tolerated Dericks antics, Dericks and Vendor teamed up multiple times and they have overcome truly fierce odds together, the two have a mutual fondness for multiple women and an eye for fine shapes, Derick hopes to team up with Vendor in more situations with Terri and maybe Kitty.

Hidden: show
A halfling paladin of the Triad, Derick has the upmost respect and desire to see Violet succeed as there are so few hin that follow a divine path and are rewarded so. The lawful rigidness of her path however causes some friction with the follower of Brandobaris as his chaotic and free lifestyle is one he believes are truer for his people and that the stories of the gods in the days forming their people are the path for hins. Violet has sworn off family and wealth to Derick married to the cause she follows as a paladin. If she was ever to fall Derick hopes she falls for him.

Currently Derick is not part of any Guild

Candlekeep Derick has expressed interest in joining Candlekeep for very selfish reasons though cautioned against it by a friend, if he was to apply it would most likely be limited to the ranks of the acolytes to study the way knowledge is recorded so he could better spread his name, he has also taken note of the numerous women there.

Doron Amar Derick has a fondness of the elves for undisclosed reasons. Many of his friends and those who welcomed him to the coast are elven and he has often sought advice and companionship from them. Recently the actions of a dwarf has frightened Derick away from a counciller of the elven settlement but he would most likely aid the elves.

Phoenix Company : Has a friend in that he admires greatly who is part of the guild and has traveled with Terri and Vendor Xon multipletimes with members of their company. Derick would be receptive to hearing their requests and calls for help.

Radiant Heart : Has a friend who recently joined the ranks of the guild, he knows little about them and has had no knowing encounters of any members outside of brief introductions. He is likely to be receptive to the holy order if it would further his goals or that of his friend.


Derick doesn't speak about his family often and rarely reveals information about himself or his family, only a select few know the most minor details of his family. As such these are facts he has revealed so far.

His father is a fisherman
He has at least one sister who was part of an arranged marriage.
He has eight brothers and three sisters.
Two brothers are older one of which was a doctor.

((( more to be filled out/punctuated/formatted, but of time for now )))
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Re: Derick Dun

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Noteable Items/equipment

Brown Boots cap cloak and gloves with Yellow trousers and jacket. The dyes came from Hoppy.


Spellbook : not a very fancy spell book by a long way but looks to be sturdy and well built with plenty of pages.


Derick has revealed he is in the possession of a Kings Tear.

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