Viktor Icemoon, Icerim Barbarian

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Viktor Icemoon, Icerim Barbarian

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Viktor Icemoon
Frigid Icerim Barbarian
Basic Info:
Full Name:       Viktor Uriksson Icemoon
Birthdate:       20th Nightal, 1330
Birthplace:      Icerim Mountains

Race:            Human, of Nar Ethnicity mixed with unknown.
Age:             25
Height:          187cm
Build:           Muscular
Eyes:            Green
Hair:            Dark Brown
Skin:            Pale
Handedness:      Right

General:         Large, strong, uneducated but worldly. About what you'd expect from a Barbarian
Accent:          Myir, though diluted due to years of travel
Deities:         Eilistraee
Alignment:       Chaotic Good
Profession:      Mercenary, Caravanguard and Bodyguard
Class:           Barbarian
Languages:       Common
Strengths:       Intimidation, Survival, Violence
Weaknesses:      Being Delicate, be it in physically handling things or with words
Ethos:           He despises the unfair and the cowards. Bandits for example are the worst. Prey on the weak, those who can't fight back. Viktor is all too willing to put them in their place for their awful acts.

Viktors father, Urik, was but a traveling Northman, his own tribe wiped out in a conflict with Orcs. The Mother, Red, a native of the Icerim Mountains, born to one of the tribes. While the details were never told to Viktor, either out of respect or fear that he'd wish revenge on those that abandoned them, the two fell in love after Red was saved by Urik during a raid from the Hordelands. Though grateful her parents already had plans of whom she should get married to and her subsequent pregnancy with a clanless foreigner had only enraged them further. Eventually leading to an ultimatum of her staying and Urik punished by death, or them leaving with her being exiled and disowned. Joining the man in being clanless.

They had chosen the latter. In winter.

At that point she had been well into her pregnancy and close to giving birth, forcing the vast majority of the labour onto Urik. Be it searching for food or building shelter. Many times did the thoughts of returning home with her 'husbands' head cross her mind but she did what she could to survive and aid him. Eventually giving birth to Viktor on the Winter Solstice, as the peak of the ice-bound mountain touched the very moon itself.

Despite Uriks crude comments of "Ah, even the very icey prick pierces the moon from below on his birth! Destined for greatness ehy?" she did not hit him over the head. If only because she was exhausted from giving birth. But she found beauty in the sight, deciding that Icemoon should become the name of their newly formed "clan". The first thing she saw when they truly became a family.

Growing up Viktor was an unassuming child, doing what he could to help his family as that was simply his duty. They had no help from other people to survive after all, it was a harsh life. But that harshness tempered the man that he would grow to be. Hunting, fighting, protecting, gathering. He learned many things, did many things when his parents were incapable due to sickness or injury. Even having to fight other people from a young age, as the uncivilized Hordelands close by didn't offer the best of safety to them.

His only taste of "civilization" being the small town of Nathoud whenever he went there with his father for trade. Still, he had little friends due to not being part of a tribe even if he did speak to many a person in the short times he had in Nathoud. It was however a place with many more people than he had ever seen huddled together and a place of learning. An amazing sight for someone who, at most, saw 2 people plus himself. This was something he took great advantage of for language, fighting and geography.

Until the age of 16 his life was about as eventful as you'd expect from someone living in such conditions. The rare hunt gone wrong, or fighting with people from the Hordelands being the only things one could make note of. And even then that was common in such remote parts of the world. His father did have plans for him and that plan was to leave the Icerim Mountains for good. He was, at least by his fathers accounts, old enough and skilled enough to strike out on his own. Supplies like food, clothing, weapon and more were already gathered for him.

"We've no future to build here. There is no land to call our own." Words that stuck with Viktor the most.

At best they were nomads who settled out of necessity, and fear of not knowing how to live such a lifestyle. And fear of endangering their own childs life because of it. They wanted to leave these lands, while some memories precious others too painful. Finally their son was old enough to survive on his own so that they could do their own thing and he his.

Eight years ago, at the age of sixteen, Viktor found and joined a caravan heading East from Nathoud. Acting as a guard. In his eyes: Getting paid to go to where he wants. While he wasn't particularly useful as you'd expect from a 16 year old, he still held his own as much as you'd expect from a barbarian. And this was his lifestyle for 8 whole years before arriving in the sword coast. He walked through the cold mists of the north, fought orcs, seen many places and peoples. Guarded more caravans than he could ever count. Made many friends and lost just as many.

Though his most profound meeting was with a Drow on a cold autumn day, when he was 21. While out gathering food he heard screams and that was enough for him to spring into action and run towards them in a fairly practiced manner. If only because when guarding caravans you had to respond quickly to threats. Rushing through the trees, sword in hand, he eventually came into view of what was happening: A single Drow surrounded by a few bandits, at least as he knew.

A fight unfair, one against many. He never saw Drow before though he has heard of them. And he knew two things for certain: He wanted to even out the fight. Drow probably has decent coin for him, how would a poor one be up here? Could possibly make more coin guarding and escorting her around than as a caravan guard!

The fight... did not go well for him... he rushed them in a rage, managing to kill one and wound a distracted bandit before falling due to too many sustained injuries. The last thing he felt was the warmth leaving his body, seeing red fill his blurry vision.

Waking up... his blurry vision saw the orange of flakes, hearing the cracking of the firewood. As luck would have it, his mostly idiotic charge did enough to help the Drow win. And as luck would have it even more she was a Cleric, a Priestess of Eilistraee. A name he spent many, many days and nights doing his best to pronounce properly. He himself was never a particularly religious man but the way the priestess treated him and the stories she told him about her goddess spoke to him in a way others didn't. If only because he never truly had spent much time with other clerics or priests.

He himself, was quite fond of the moon as the Goddess is. It illuminated his path whenever he was lost till after dark or running from enemies that came from the Hordelands. But most importantly he found her self imposed exile from her family, and the Seldarine to help her people as something that hit close. It reminded him of his parents leaving their clan to protect him despite of the dangers.

Eilistraees fight, as a single good goddess against the many stronger evils that fight for dominance over the Drow? Now that's just a fight unfair. And a fight unfair is one that Drow are used to. But what hit him the hardest is their lack of a land they can truly call their home. They'll never truly be accepted in the Underdark or the Surface. Enemies everywhere. Danger everywhere. It made him recall his fathers words, "We've no future to build here. There is no land to call our own". They're outcasts, just as his family is, though much more.

It all just... spoke to him on so many levels.
For a fair fight.
For a future.
For a home.
For a family.
For acceptance.

For a metaphorical warm hearth they can gather at. To warm their bodies and hearts.

It kind of humbled him and gave him a better perspective on his own life. Especially the one he had while living on Icerim Mountain.

Sadly his time with the Priestess wasn't particularly long, though even to himself it was clear she quite enjoyed having a human to talk to who wasn't trying to murder her. Just that in and of itself struck him as particularly sad. Making him wonder how his parents felt specifically his mother... who rarely if ever interacted with other people... was she hiding from her clan? Scared to be recognized? Fear of violence, shaming, embarrassment or just seeing them sad? It made him think. A lot. Something he rarely did before then.

Though a welcome change in the years of travel he had. He found it made the trips more bearable. It only took him 4 more years till he arrived on the sword coast, in Baldurs Gate. Deciding that now that he has reached the coast, he may as well try living a bit more. Maybe form some more permanent connections. He travelled across what felt like the entire continent. If anything he is tired.

- Fight bigger and bigger prey! Perhaps even a god! ((Well that's an IC thing. Viktor isnt the brightest lad. But to him having a duel with a god is as high as you can go))
- Even out unfair fights! Why would anyone attack a defenseless person? Cowards!
- Help Eilistraeen Drow, what a horribly unfair fight they have. Best even it out!
- Make deep personal connections, it's quite lonely to have no permanent connections for 25 years!
- Form or join a clan or tribe, been clanless for too long!

I'd assume he'd know Naric or Damaran since that's the languages Nars speak due to being well... being from Icerim Mountains? Closest town is populated by Nars. But no prompts to learn more languages since int isn't enough for it so just listed Common as odd as that is for a character from so far away.

I noticed while reading through the bgtscc wiki that there are some human wosrhippers of Eilistraee and I kind of really like that idea! I'm not sure how to go about it, but it seems like a concept I'd like to go with. I hope that's fine, as she's not selectable as a deity for humans? I'd imagine I made many mistakes and stuff that needs correction here, I'd really like to work with someone to help me out on getting it just right. But I don't know who to talk to about it.

I'd quite like to improve what I already have here.

For those interested, Icerim mountains are far north-east. This map is a really good Faerun map tool that you can see it on!

Thanks to Endelyon for letting me use his own bio as a template for this, very easy on the eyes I like it!

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