Lyra Roofshadow

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Lyra Roofshadow

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Basic Information

Name: Lyra Roofshadow
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf
Occupation: Scout
Affiliation: The Ironwood Lodge
Social Class: Commoner


Lyra is a nimble woman more at home in the city than the wilds most days, though she hasn't fully forsaken her Wood Elven heritage just yet. Ears that taper to subtle points betray her elven heritage. Though her ginger hair may stand out at times, her overall appearance and the way she carries herself is unassuming, a simple commoner to the core.

There are no remarkable disfigurements or markings on her face beyond a scrape or bruise now and then. Both her body and travel-worn leathers have been hit with the usual wear and tear befitting one who fights in close quarters, but rarely engages in direct or honorable toe-to-toe combat. Her muscles seem toned and her feet quick, but there's nothing physically strong about her. That's not to say she appears fragile -- she's more of a wiry stray cat than a crushable little bird.


A decidedly social creature in spite of a potentially gruff or scruffy outward appearance, Lyra enjoys being around people, whether to talk or simply watch and listen. She's quick to grin and poke fun with friends, but a subtle tension lingers in her form when treading around strangers, and trust is slow to grow, if it even takes root. Fiercely independent, the half-elf seems to stray away from any firm allegiances to blood, kin, religion and cause; if she has loyalties, they lie only with those she considers friend. She is no stranger to cutting her losses and running. What some might call cowardice, she would call a healthy sense of self preservation; she has no shame when it comes to watching her own back before anyone else's. Survival, resourcefulness, and opportunism always trump heroism: lessons learned in Luskan.

Lyra isn't shy about her distaste for most magics, and her illiteracy likely contributes to her open dismissal of the usefulness of scholarly pursuits. Sometimes, however, she can be found struggling her way through a book, suggesting she might be in the process of learning her letters.


Lyra openly offers only a very basic explanation for her history: As a child, she grew up in a wood elven village in the North. Circumstances caused her to leave home and live for a time in Luskan. For her own reasons, she left the city, and doesn't seem to have any desire to ever go back; she's chosen to remain in the Gate and neighboring regions, and currently does freelance work.
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