Dissertation to the University of Magic

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Dissertation to the University of Magic

Unread post by Verideth »

[Out of Game: this letter was delivered by De'land Maelstrom to the Conjuration branch of the School of Magic in Sshamath]

*Written in Draconic*

Esteemed Faem and those of Conjuration,

I am De'land a humble practitioner of the Weave. Specifically I am an Assassin that has achieved the 8th level of casting.

I have pondered if a non Wizard could call a named being. I have recently experimented and proved it can be done.

I have gotten a deciphered Dusty Tome, matching diamond and a Greater Binding scroll. I did successfully use the scroll and could write the name of the creature on the gem. As I attempted to conjure it to negotiate service, I discovered I did not have the casting power to finish the call.

With this attempt I proved a non wizard can call a named being but they must have sufficient caster power to pull it off. Someone with said casting powers, access to the Deciphered Tome and a Greater Binding scroll could do it. Alas someone who simply has figured out how to use a scroll, could not.

I hope this experiment is pleasing to the Faem and other instructors. As I am pondering becoming a full Wizard, to access the Tome I have.


De'land Maelstrom

PS: witnessed can be provided if needed to validate this claim.
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Re: Dissertation to the University of Magic

Unread post by Glowfire »

A reply is penned in Draconic, sent to the stated return address - and if none is given - left at the School of Conjuration and Summoning for De'land Maelstrom to pick up.
De'land Maelstrom,

Congratulations. You know how to read a scroll.

The School of Conjuration and Summoning express our gratitude towards your carefully conducted research. Should you decide to not proceed with magical studies, one of our faerns may be interested in purchasing the tome you state you have.

If you decide to dedicate yourself to the Art, register yourself with one of the clerks. The imps will inform you of the steps.

- Conjurer Vesche
Diplomatic representative of the School of Conjuration and Summoning


(( I thought a reply would be amusing to make. :icon-wink:

The School of Conjuration isn't an interior which exists IG. Joining a School usually just takes making a rumour post stating that your character becomes known to associate with that School (assuming they fulfill basic requirements which are found in another thread). There isn't actually a university or academy or similar. The School of Mages is for generalists mages (those who haven't specialized). Looking at the purpose of this letter, I'll just assume it was sent the right way as I know full well how confusing this is.

Of course, any DM or anyone else can also make a reply!
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