Letter to Faem of Abjuration or Conjuration

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Letter to Faem of Abjuration or Conjuration

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Out of Game: this private letter was taken to the conclave in southern Sshamath.

*written in Draconic*

Esteemed Faem and those of Most Importance,

I witnessed something odd and spoke with Faem Kren'zar about it. He instructed me to report it to the Faem of Abjuration or Conjuration as he said they know the apportion wards in detail.

Two cycles ago I witnessed an individual teleport out of our wards while I was standing in front of the message board in Central Sshamath.

To add more queerness, the individual left behind a red mist as well. He called himself the Traveler.

Please contact me at your convince if you wish to know more details.


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Re: Letter to Faem of Abjuration or Conjuration

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(( Sorry for the OOC but that sounds like Blood Magic and the wards *should* block it. Whoever is using it either doesn't know the wards block all Teleportation magic or is exploiting it. Sounds like Devs need to check over Blood Walk.
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