Fight for the Cycle!!! (Caged/Pit fights & Betting)

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Fight for the Cycle!!! (Caged/Pit fights & Betting)

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*A new flier posted around Sshamath...*

Come one, come all to the Den of Ssin (for the denizen) 'Fight for the Cycle'

Are you tired of running around through the same caves, doing the same trivial tasks for short-tempered faern and yathrin? Have you the gull, grit, and desire to risk death during a fight? Do you think you have what it takes to survive in the cage or pit? Do you like simple tasks that lead to large amounts of gold coin? Then do we have a job for you!

We will be arranging and holding regular fights. In time I wish to arrange for an official caged arena, but for now we will make do with what we have. I have some rules I would like to lay down for the fights and those attending and/or participating.

1. Denizens of Sshamath may attend the fights, there will be a cover charge. Foreigners must be approved by the local city authorities or I will simply not allow you access to betting or viewing. I have a professional business to run, not a welcoming committee for imbeciles...

2. Bets must be placed before a fight, not during one. You will receive a payout at the end of the fight depending on the bet placed. ALL bets must go through our organization OR you will be banned from attending in the future...

3. Slaves may fight, but their masters must be the ones who enter them into the fights. We will arrange for you to register your slaves in the fights. We will need a written contract for the protection of both parties, being the 'Fight for the Cycle' team and 'the owner' of the slave; who must also be a denizen. I do not wish to attract surface scum to the events unless they are registered slaves. This is of course unless you have the permission of the conclave to be within the city and participate with Sshamath under conclave laws.

4. No armor or magic during the fights; shields and melee weapons of choice only. No exceptions.

5. Fighters who die in a fight will be raised from the dead by myself or another yathrin on site, but they will not be awarded gold. Cowards who run during a fight will likely be killed on site by our staff and will not be raised. This is a fight for warriors, not cowards. Have some vithing honor...

6. Prizes will be awarded to warriors based on the amount of bets placed. You (the fighter) will receive a cut. If you are a regular fighter and you have earned some sort of title such as becoming an asset to the Fight for the Cycle company, then perhaps we can work out a contract in which you will receive a regular payroll. Payment of fighters outside of the "Fight for the Cycle!" is not our business and we honestly don't care who creates incentive for what; *so long as betting on the fights is done through the 'Fight for the Cycle' company!!!* - A representative will help you place bets before the fight begins.

I look forward to working with many of the locals here in Sshamath and hope to create some regular entertainment within the city. I think we can all agree it could use some more entertainment to bring out the denizens, as it has been rather boring as of late...

The Den of Ssin (For the Denizen) will be arranging for other entertaining games of gamble in the future. Bare with us now and thou shalt see fruition in the future.

Bel'la dos,
Ssin'verin Elamshin del lil Quellar l'Orbben d'Elghinn *signed in blood... I wonder who's?*

((( OOC: Got a new PC... Have been away for past 6 months because my old PC was broken. I will not be leaving this endeavor behind again :D -Drow4d20
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