1355DR - The Northern Sword Coast [DM Posts]

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1355DR - The Northern Sword Coast [DM Posts]

Unread post by DM Soulcatcher » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:15 pm


Word spreads from travellers on the Trade's Way that a strange, greenish mist has appeared on the roads- rolling over hillsides, fields of grass and valleys. Slowly, but steadily, the mist has been spreading farther and farther, growing in thickness as it did. By now, it has spread considerably across the roads; it's suggested that the fog may soon start reaching the northern reaches of Troll Hills and maybe even Boareskyr Bridge.

As if it wasn't enough, rumours suggest that the mist is also toxic to living beings. Stories talk about a small number of hunters that have fallen greatly sick - few of them dying - as a result, as if their bodies just refused to work.

Almost everyone points their fingers at Dragonspear its infernal armies as the culprit behind the green fog, especially since their forces themselves seem not to be affected by it as the battles continue.
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