Reminder: RP from Other Servers

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Reminder: RP from Other Servers

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This is a reminder that other servers do not exist in BGTSCC's setting. The Kingdom of Haven doesn't exist, Sundren doesn't exist, Sigil is not able to visited by BGTSCC characters (and the city of Sigil may not even exist at all in our setting), events and characters on TRoN's version of Neverwinter do not apply to the Neverwinter in BGTSCC's setting, and so on.

While in some cases you may be able to use RP that happened in other places as inspiration for character backstory, other servers are by and large non-canon to BGTSCC's setting. Please do not 'transfer characters' back and forth between different servers and act like it's all one cohesive story. Other servers take place in timelines and settings completely at odds with BGTSCC.

Please review the following rule:
Off-Server Roleplay
Only roleplay that occurs in game or on the forum will be regarded as legitimate. You may use Discord and other forums for your own personal character development, but this roleplay will not have any impact on the game world, NPCs, or DM Team decisions as to in-game influence or success.
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