Blackguards - BG's Dipping Sauce.

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Re: Blackguards - BG's Dipping Sauce.

Unread post by Agog_Fr »

Oh yes you have right. I did not saw that ! Great change.
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Re: Blackguards - BG's Dipping Sauce.

Unread post by Bobthehero »

So far, Blood Bond can't be added to the game as is. And isn't the rest timer 30 minutes at max level, that still leaves you plenty of time without the extra strenght (And paladins can have it on during the entire time between rests)
Steve wrote:
Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:06 am
In Endelyon's version, there are also some nerfs (or anti-dipping changes):
Dark Blessing (Su): Beginning at second level, a blackguard applies his Charisma modifier (if positive) as a bonus on all saving throws. This bonus is capped at the user's number of Blackguard levels.
This particular change should only occur if equally applied to Paladin, imho.

EDIT: but if we're talking adjusting the PrC for "balance," then we're also talking about 100% free RCR. :|
A good point, the paladin is pretty powerful on its own, but let's not pretend its not used to dip like Blackguard for good aligned characters.
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Re: Blackguards - BG's Dipping Sauce.

Unread post by Bar »

Even without the aura buffing nearby allies this is a solid improvement on Blackguard that I'd love to use.

Seeing as We have new Admins at the helm; could we get an update on what's planned?

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