Elemental Archer Shield

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Elemental Archer Shield

Unread post by Zymth » Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:43 am

Does anyone find the elemental archer shield's duration too low to be of any value?

One of two things always occurs when I activate this shield.

1. The enemy is far away when I activate the shield and takes 2-3 rounds to reach me; the shield has only 2 rounds left in its duration by the time the enemy reaches me and has a negligible effect on an already 90% dead enemy.
2. The enemy is really close, and I end up wasting a combat round activating the shield: I end up taking more damage by delaying my combat round than I have mitigated with the shield.

There's a shield brooch that gives a higher AC than elemental shield and lasts 5 minutes to the EE shield's 5 rounds.

I'd recommend making this either 2 rounds per level or a flat 10 rounds.

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