What will be the new disguise system? Suggestions

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What will be the new disguise system? Suggestions

Unread post by Agog_Fr » Thu Aug 01, 2019 5:15 am


I will give my humble opinion on the subject of disguise.

Maybe it will not help.

I think disguise is the most important technical system of a server!

It is most important because it greatly enhances the atmosphere of the game. It creates a paranoid atmosphere that can be delicious.

However, we must abandon the idea of ​​an automated system of dice rolls. Such a system can not be smart, does not understand anything about the RP situation, and can easily be abused by "disguised PJ detectors" players.

It must be the DM that secretly determines which DD a disguised player has to do to deceive a PC or NPC. Disguise, Bluff or Sense Motive three perfect skills for this.

In my opinion, a complete disguise system, with possible change of the face, sex or race (in order of difficulty) must be activatable ONLY by the technical validation of a DM.

It would not make sense for such a system to be usable at any time without DM by the players. Everyone could disguise themselves as a dwarf bearded woman by being a human, it could quickly become the permanent carnival ^^

However, outside DM supervision, I think it would be nice for players to have access to a limited disguise tool. This tool will consist of:

- When a player wears a head accessory, he can use a function that turns his name into "Masqued human" "Masqued dwarf" "Masqued half-orc" etc.

The race corresponding to the category closest to the PC race (there must be in all: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Galfelins and Half-Orcs.) The special sub-races are ranged in these categories).


I think that a simple system of this kind, without any dice roll, would allow more secrecy in dark places (sewers, countryside) but will be at the same time impossible to use in town, with guards (it is already the currently, the only problem is that we can always read the name of the PCs).

Of course, a DM could take back the hand, to determine by rolls of dice, if these masked PCs can be recognized by other PCs.

Yours truly.
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