Need clarification about Circle Magic Feats

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Need clarification about Circle Magic Feats

Unread post by Agog_Fr »

There is something I really don't underestand, it's how the Circle Magic Feats are made.

I would like a clarification.

I have a red wizard. He got naturally the feat "Circle Leader".

That's interesting. I did not knew that, actually it's written in the wiki. :

"Level 1. Spellcasting progression +1 (Wizard only), Specialist Defense +1, Circle Magic Feat Access"


Okay good.

But in the Wiki, there are two others Circles Magic Feats here :

It's Circle Magic (Spellcasting feat) and Circle Magic Leader (Spellcasting feat).

I understand nothing. There are 3 circle leaders feats ? One free, and two which you have to pay ?

Of the "Circle Leader" feat I have, is a qualitification feat, for the real two Circles feats (Circle Magic + Circle Magic Leader) I can pick ?

Where is the Truth here ?


Post Scriptum :

Techniquely, can I use these spell with non red wizard mages ? Do the effect is stronger if I am Circle Magic Leader ?

I guess in RP events, I ll can use these Circles feats with non Red Wizard wizard, because the wiki said that theoriquely, any wizard can learn the feat : "[User note: Magical Discovery implies a roleplayed event after which the DM awarded this feat]"

Do the DMs can confirm me it ? If yes it may worth it for me, to sacrificate techniquel powers, to take these feats.
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