Soubar - Ironfaar - Seeking ring.

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Soubar - Ironfaar - Seeking ring.

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After talking to Mudd's at Soubar, a shield stout can be seen moving fluidly about the other merchants seeking advice and making offers for a potential trade should they come across the item he seeks.

He lets it be known that he is seeking a ring of exceptional quality that increases the wisdom and worldliness of the wearer. ((Seeking ring of wisdom +4))

The dwarf leaves his name as Relnor of clan Ironfaar. He is to be found in person at the Kraak Helzak clanhold should any be brave enough to travel the Troll Claws. Or alternately, a message can be left with a Mudd vendor.

Finally, Relnor pushes a ring across to a vendor to see if they think it would be a worthy trade for the item sought. It is a simple gold band unadorned of any runes. It is said to increase one's awareness and ability to avoid detection. It will also help one's wounds heal if hurt. ((Ring - Regeneration+1, Hide/MS/Spot/Listen/Search+3))

With his intentions known, Relnor pockets the ring and moves off, hoping to hear from a vendor soon ...
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