NOTICE: Marketplace Rules

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NOTICE: Marketplace Rules

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[ original post by Maecius ]
The Marketplace is in the Community Roleplaying section of the forums. As such, the buying, trading, selling, and auctioning of goods and services should be done in a manner that promotes roleplay (RP)—and not simply be treated as an extension of cash grinding. This is not an MMO: All auctions are to be done in an In Character (IC) fashion.

Here is a basic example of what a post here should look like:

Friendly Arm Inn - Elminister - Longsword of Radiant Light
As you can see here, exchanges here should be labeled by the city in which they are taking place, or the region. For example, Baldur's Gate, Beregost, Doron Amar, Roaringshore, Sshamath, etc. The post's title shall also include the name/pseudonym of the PC making the sale—though the sale can be conducted by a fence or merchant PC (whether or not this PC belongs to the seller or to another player). This allows for the usage of a Mule PC for such matters, if desired.

Bids must be done In Character by the actual PC who is looking to buy the item. This may lead to some interesting circumstances, and promote RP. This means some sales will have a certain group, or individual PCs, blacklisted from them, but this is only how it should be.

Underdark (UD) and Surface players selling items to each other is prohibited, unless it is conducted in-game and in-character (essentially, your PC must be able to travel between the two regions). There will be NO MARKETPLACE TRANSACTIONS IN THE NEXUS BETWEEN UD AND SURFACE PCS.

The Nexus does not exist as a part of the BG:TSSC roleplaying environment. It is simply a game mechanic, not an actual location. Once again, this is to promote RP in the actual game world.

As many players already follow these forum rules, they have the thanks and applause of the DM staff. If a post does not comply with the rules above, a forum moderator will either ask you to change it or disable (lock) the post until the player corrects it.

Thank you, and happy trading.

NOTE: "Want Ads" threads, where the character is seeking an item or service, should be posted to the "Want Ads" subforum and should likewise comply with the above rules.

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Re: NOTICE: Marketplace Rules

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Bumping this thread.

While it's not particularly heavily enforced by the DMs, these rules are still in place regarding the forum auctioning. It's meant to serve as a decorum and roleplay standard.

Many players won't even post in your threads unless they adhere to these rules.

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Re: NOTICE: Marketplace Rules

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I am bumping this again as a fresh reminder for all prospective IC auctions.

Players, you are required to list a CHARACTER NAME (which can be fake/pseudonym/merchant/mule character) and LOCATION to the title of your auction thread, whether selling or seeking.

Threads lacking these will soon find that I will be filling in the blanks. If you don't want a Fluffy Pink Bunny to be selling your Epic Black Armour of the Deathknight at the FAI, I highly recommend you fill in your topic titles correctly from now on please! ;)

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Re: NOTICE: Marketplace Rules

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Bump for review.

Please include character name and location in the title, or your post may be removed.

Thank you!
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