Kraak Helzak Outpost RP

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Kraak Helzak Outpost RP

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((Decided to make a thread for the dwarven outpost since there isnt one!))


Ever since the great vanishing of Rockrun, a singular grizzled and grumpy svirfneblin has been arriving at the Kraak Helzak outpost using it as a form of base camp for himself. At times he's known to vanish into the caverns for weeks at a time only to arrive once more with various mushrooms, blindfish, and minor amounts of ore to trade the dwarves.

Recently for the first time since his original appearance at the outpost, the grizzled svirfneblin arrived with one of his kinsmen in toe, a more cheerful and hopeful looking individual. After a brief tour of the outpost and a somber but hopeful discussion of finding their brothers and sisters the two Svirfneblin turned in, making use of the camp.
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Re: Kraak Helzak Outpost RP

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The shambling corpse of a once human man stalks the halls near the dwarven outpost, tirelessly tearing to shreds any living being that crosses its path until the magic animating it is spent or until it is bested by a skilled combatant.
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