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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules
Welcome to the Baldur’s Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles forums. Please acquaint yourself with the following rules before posting. The staff appreciates it if you would take your time to read and understand these rules and to help us to maintain the forums as a place for sharing ideas and opinions in a friendly and respectful environment.
  1. Stay on topic.
    • Please keep your posts relevant and do not make off-topic posts. If a subject is brought up in a thread which you believe merits a discussion, start a new topic in an appropriate forums section instead of derailing a current one.

  2. "Flaming," personal attacks, disrespectful, derogatory, threatening, insulting, or negative comments directed towards or about another member of the community will not be tolerated.
    • This encompasses "trolling," or posts purposely intended in instigate a member of the community in order to create any of the above or disrupt the discussion.

  3. If you have an issue with players/staff out of character or in character do not post about it on the forums; instead use personal messages to solve it.
  4. Refrain from discussing politics and religion on the forums.
  5. Do not swear or use profanity out of character. Lore appropriate profanity is allowed for in character posts.
    • Modern day racial/social/political slurs are strictly prohibited. Images that include profanity/nudity must be edited to exclude the profanity/nudity, or they will be deleted. You can find more about "lore appropriate profanity" in this thread.

  6. Do not share or disclose other people's personal/private information without their consent, either through public forums or private messages.
    • Details such as real names or e-mail addresses can be used by those with ill intent for malicious purposes. More information can be found here: User Agreement.

Violation of forum rules may result in posts being deleted/moved, threads being locked/moved, and/or warnings to authors of posts violating the rules, including potential temporary/permanent loss of posting privileges.